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  1. broadreach

    Full moon and Bali Mola Mola

    There are lots of different opinions on this topic, but I'm curious to hear about your experience. I'm getting ready to book flights for a 2019 Bali trip. Should I plan to dive around the July full moon to improve my chances of seeing a Mola Mola in Crystal Bay? Or does it not really matter? Is...
  2. broadreach

    Sardine Run in California?

    Don't gray whales feed mostly on amphipods? I don't think they care much for sardines. In Monterey Bay, humpbacks and blue whales probably eat as much if not more anchovies and krill than sardines. The grays as mentioned above, are mostly just passing through.
  3. broadreach

    Monterey conditions. (let's keep it going )

    Great conditions at Point Lobos today. Fantastic viz inside the cove. It was so calm that rafting tigger and I decided to paddle our kayaks to the great Lobos Pinnacle. The handy hand held gps and hand held depth gauge helped us find it (there's practically no kelp on it). It was my first time...
  4. broadreach

    12/9 Lobos Dive Buddy

    Hi, I had made plans to dive Point Lobos and secured a reservation for Saturday 12/9. My intended dive buddy had to cancel this morning, so I'm looking for a new buddy. Conditions are forecasted to be good and I'm happy to do a kayak dive or a surface swim. I can also join an existing pair...
  5. broadreach

    Dive Buddy? Carmel, Friday 8/4/17

    The forecast for the next few days looks promising. Might be a good time for kayak diving. Is anyone interested in joining for a kayak or beach dive on Friday 8/4?
  6. broadreach

    Kauai Dive Buddy

    That's too bad. It sounds like it is a simple dive to do without hiring a guide, right? As long as I can find a dive buddy I guess.
  7. broadreach

    Kauai Dive Buddy

    Thanks for the tips. I'm staying in Poipu. One dive shop I spoke with said they no longer dive Koloa. I wonder why.
  8. broadreach

    Kauai Dive Buddy

    Hi I'll be in Kauai next week 10/18 to 10/26 and looking to do some diving. I've talked with one of the local shop and will probably join them for a few trips (Mana Crack and Niihau, weather permitting). But it would also be nice to do some shore diving early morning or evening while spending...
  9. broadreach

    Monterey conditions. (let's keep it going )

    Viz at North Monastery this morning was terrible. I made it to roughly 45 feet before giving up. It was so dark under the kelp it felt like a night dive. Viz ranged from 4 feet to maybe 8 feet at best, but mostly about 5. Reddish brown and dark. Felt like diving in lentil soup. I thought there...
  10. broadreach

    Mares Abyss Cracking Pressure

    I recently noticed that my Mares Abyss regulator is breathing a bit harder than I think it should, so I decided it would be a good time to test it. I ran through the checklist in the sticky thread and things seem fine. It passes the vacuum test, doesn't leak air and holds IP as expected. It also...
  11. broadreach

    Point Lobos CalendarPt

    They also raised prices and that did lower demand.
  12. broadreach

    Oil Rigs?

    I think I might have a new plan for Sunday Jan 3rd! Thanks!
  13. broadreach

    Oil Rigs?

    Please do. I'd love to go. Thanks!
  14. broadreach

    Oil Rigs?

    I guess I can try to call them, but the online calendar for the Peace shows strictly Channel Island dives. I'm not sure if this is true, but I have a sense that most of the operators want to keep their trips catering to the lowest denominator, so a shallow spot in the Channel Islands brings...
  15. broadreach

    Oil Rigs?

    I'm interested in diving one of the oil rigs in Southern California. I've looked through all the various dive boats and charters web sites but couldn't find any of the commercial boats advertising a trip to any of the oil rigs. A search on this forum shows no posts on oil rigs for more than a...
  16. broadreach

    Monterey diving

    Hi, I want to reiterate the question of cold water experience. Have you ever dived in cold water environment? - the Red Sea and Mediterranean are much warmer than Monterey even in the dead of winter. The temperatures here can be in the 10C to 12C range at depth. This means that you need a very...
  17. broadreach

    Go, No Go Conditions in Monterey, CA for novice divers

    The web site created by the late Chuck Tribolet is a good place to start: See Monterey Sea Conditions at a Glance And more details on what it all means here: Monterey Bay Sea Conditions - Some Examples Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  18. broadreach

    Si Tech shoulder valve - how much torque to unscrew?

    I never realIzed.... In the two years or so I've had this valve I've only used it in 'auto' mode, changing the rate of discharge by turning it one way or the other, but never just pressing on it. Now I know. Thanks!
  19. broadreach

    Si Tech shoulder valve - how much torque to unscrew?

    Ok. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to open when fully rotated closed and pressed. So it sounds like it it's working properly. I don't think it is currently leaking. But I'll have to take it diving to be certain. The leak I did have involved a trickle of water that entered the suit when the...
  20. broadreach

    Si Tech shoulder valve - how much torque to unscrew?

    With the help of a brawny neighbor I managed to unscrew the two parts of the valve. I then popped it open and looked for debris inside. I didn't see anything obvious, so I just wiped it clean, flipped the outer silicone washer as well as the inner one, lubed them up with some silicone grease and...
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