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  1. Gdog

    OMD EM5 MK1 PT-EP08 and Rokinon 12mm f2 Lens

    Just ordered one of these lens for astrophotography, has anyone used it in the EP08 housing? And if so, what did you use for a focus ring?
  2. Gdog

    Bocas Del Toro Diving

    Any input on diving in or around Bocas? Planning on moving to Panama, and would love to hear from people who have dove there.
  3. Gdog

    Current Water Temp

    We are heading to both Maui and the Big Island in a week. Trying to decide which wetsuit to bring. What are the current water temps if anyone has that info?
  4. Gdog

    Boise Idaho diver?

    Anyone from the Boise area interested in helping with a retrieval dive? My son needs a buddy while he goes down to about 40 ft. to connect a cable to a 4 wheel atv that is just off a boat dock.......
  5. Gdog

    February 2017 Roll Call!

    Time to get this started, its only a month away! George and Arlene Duncan - Casa Mexicana - Aldora Divers Feb 8-18
  6. Gdog

    Rokinon 7.5mm f3.5 mm fisheye

    Anyone using this lens on their 4/3 setup? Any input? Considering trying this lens......
  7. Gdog

    Caribbean Club Restaurant

    Staying at the CC with my son this Feb. Was wondering how the food was at their restaurant?
  8. Gdog

    Airfare/flights in February

    Im unable to find anything reasonable from Seattle to Bonaire for Feb 2016. Unless Im willing to make it a 2 day trip each way, the best I can find is $1200. Where are the $800-900 flights? Any input on a better time to travel, im looking for either the 13-20 or 20-27 of Feb.
  9. Gdog

    EM5 wouldnt come out of sleep mode

    Last night was shooting a Giant Pacific Octopus hatch, and after an hour of shots, headed in/up. Stopped and took a couple shots of a nudi, then at safety stop found a hooded nudi. Camera would not come out of sleep mode and in fact acted like the battery was dead. When I got home I removed...
  10. Gdog

    Who is borrowing my Yacht?!

    Ok somebody fess up to who is using my Yacht.....
  11. Gdog

    Progress on the Square

    Hey, any news or pictures of the progress on the Square? I heard it was 60% done but havent seen or heard anything else.
  12. Gdog

    Who's in for February?

    I dont see a February list started, so here goes; My wife Arlene and I will be in Coz Feb 15-25, Casa Mexicana, Aldora Divers. We are bringing one of our non diving daughters, and her friend.
  13. Gdog

    EPM1 not firing strobe on white subjects in water column

    For some reason, when trying to shoot something white, such as a jellyfish, in the water column, my EPM1 wont fire the strobe even though it is set to always flash. Im shooting manual, 1/125, 200 ISO, F8. I dont have a focus light, but even when trying to light the subject with my can light...
  14. Gdog

    WTB .. Ultralight strobe arm, accessories.

    Adding a second strobe to my rig, need an ultralight handle, 8" or so arm, and clamp. Pvt me with price, ect.
  15. Gdog

    Macro with EPM1

    Hey guys, newbie question here. Just got the EPM1, with oly housing, and kit 14-42 lens. What would be a good lens for macro? I appreciate any input. Thanks!
  16. Gdog

    EPM1 Setup

    Just curious as to how everybody is setting up their EPM1's. Is everyone using the SCP? How do you have your controls configured?
  17. Gdog

    EPM1 and YS90Auto

    What are the chances my old YS90Auto strobe will work with my EPM1? Unable to find any info regarding that on the web.
  18. Gdog

    Batteries in Bonaire

    Any input on battery costs in Bonaire? Such as for AA and C cell. I would expect them to cost a little more, but is it ridiculous? And are they readily available?
  19. Gdog

    Customs at Curacao

    Hi, planning on a trip to Bonaire via Curacao. Any idea how long I need to allow to clear customs, recheck luggage, ect for insel flight to Bonaire?
  20. Gdog

    General Questions for first timer to Bonaire

    Decided to break out of the Cozumel rut, heading to Bonaire this March. I have some questions, and am also open to any other info. Airport transfers; planning on staying at the Dive Hut. Is it difficult to get to and from the airport from that location? What is the popular method...
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