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    Christmast 2008

    I've posted this elsewhere, and thought I'd share here as well... :) ----- Ah the holiday season! Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing day, Kwanza, New Years and of course, all of us Capricorn babies who have the distinct honor of sharing our Birthdays with these celebrations. Sometimes it...
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    Pic & Chat thread 4 after 6th Annual Venice Turkey Fry

    First pictures posted from the dive.. I'm sticking them on my Google album since they're still raw: Pictures There are some from the Pier and even a picture of the Venice NOAA weather station.
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    H..I... Jumpin Josephine!

    I'm curious, who is playing Air Traffic Control for the Atlantic this year?? Tropical Storm Josephine
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    Inconceivable! It's Ike!

    Welcome our newest member of the storm season! Thats right, its IKE! Tropical Storm Ike Projected Path? That way... kinda towards the Bahamas.. Cuba.. Jamacia.. maybe Florida!
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    Get Lost Gustav!

    With Which way Fay having made her way through, the hurricane season is really starting toheaet up! Welcome Gustav to center stage! Now, Get Lost Gustav! Keep track of all the happenings and arm chair meteorologist guesswork through this site, its WAY more than you'll ever see throught...
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    Record Catch on Barbie Fishing Pole!

    I found this on Fox News this morning! WOW who would have thought that the little Barbie pole had enough in it to do this! Talk about opening a new class in fishing tourneys! "In the Barbie pole class..." - North Carolina Man Makes Record Catch With Barbie Fishing Rod - Local News...
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    TS Fay

    Having gone from being under direct line to now having it veer off and follow Wilma's trek into the southside of Naples, we're really experiencing light winds and non-stop drizzle rain topped with that ever present ominous feeling of dark clouds hanging around. A brief inexplicable power outage...
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    Floating explosive off Sarasota

    Hey! Gota love finding something new! Navy team to examine explosive device found in Sarasota | | The News-Press
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    Miniseason Funnies

    Ever hear or say 'Captain Obvious' comments to a buddy or over the radio... Post them and share the laughs. I heard a few from last year.... "Just look for the boat with the dive flag.. thats me!" - yeah, and 2,000 other boats out that day. "I'm the white boat to the left!" - yup, that...
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    Guns for sale.. Thought I'd toss this where it would be seen by folks interested.... maybe
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    Any interest in a REEF ID Class?

    A few years back, despite the challenges of mother nature, we put together a REEF ID Class that concluded with shore and boat dives to put the REEF ID skills to use doing a fish count. Is there interest among the Conch-populace in creating such a class again? Also, would it be wise to do a...
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    WWII Lost B26 found

    Short story, a B26 Marauder was discovered 30 miles southwest of Sanibel Island. The Marauder's serial was run and turned out to be an aircraft that went missing on November 16, 1942 (odd, my grandfathers birthday). Seeking gold, divers find B-26 wreckage | | The News-Press...
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    Happy Bday KBulla! :)

    OK - I know its late in the day but I'm posting a Happy Birthday to my wife Kris :) :hb2: Happy Birhday! Hope you enjoyed your beach and BBQ day today! :hb2:
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    Gulf Pollution Article

    Given that most of us who dive the Gulf have had one experience with pollution or the effects one way or another, especially beach divers ( i.e. Red Tide or Bacteria around Venice Beach), I find the timely release of this article interesting considering that anyone checking conditions last week...
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    6th Annual ScubaBoard Birthday & Fossiling Bash - July 26, 2008 at Venice, FL (Take2)

    Thats right, the 6th annual ScubaBoard Birthday & Fossiling Beach Bash on July 26, 2008 at Venice Beach, Florida!(Take 2) Location: Alhambra - Venice, Florida Time: 9am till.... What to bring: You, guests, something for potluck Bar-b-Que Lunch! What to exepct: Diving, food, fossils...
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    Kris and Jenny shaving their heads!

    Sooo, I sit here with my laptop watching my wife Kristie and Scuba_Jenny shave their heads. Why? Simply because they can. Pictures forth coming.... I'm sure!
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    6th Annual ScubaBoard Birthday & Fossiling Beach Bash! June 21, 2008

    Thats right, the 6th annual on June 21, 2008 at Venice Beach, Florida! Location: Alhambra - Venice, Florida Time: 9am till.... What to bring: You, guests, something for potluck Bar-b-Que Lunch! What to exepct: Diving, food, fossils (prehistoric and walking the beach), family beach fun...
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    Bulla update

    Hey Conchers, I realize I've been a little out of touch the last few months.. lurking but not much posting. We all know how life sometimes get an accelerator dropped on it now and again, sooooooooooo.. I figure I'll drop a note to say I'm alive and around. For those who like to keep up on how...
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    Budget Diving

    I'm going out on a limb here and going to touch a subject that I'm sure is hitting all of our pocket books: Diving on the new budgets that the current economic changes are introducing to us. Personally, I'm having to be pretty sure there is a 70% or better chance of good conditions, no more than...
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    Cressi Aquapro 5r & Doubles

    I'm posting this forward from another area on SB.. just run with it here and not where the original post was.
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