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  1. Oldbear

    Any updates to Capt. Vern’s Murder

    For those who missed the opportunity to meet and sail with Capt Vern you truly missed one of the finest individuals I had the pleasure of meeting. In April/May 2012 I did my Divemaster training at UDC. Capt Vern ran a catamaran ferrying service daily between Roatan and Utila. In my opinion it...
  2. Oldbear

    Dwyer DM 1000 Series Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

    Has anyone used the Dwyer DM1000 Series Digital Differential Pressure Gauge? I have several of their time tested 2000 Series gauges, but just curious how well the digital gauge works for bench testing. Series DM-1000 | DigiMag® Digital Differential Pressure and Flow Gages monitors the pressure...
  3. Oldbear

    Light(s) For DPV

    I am looking to add a light or two to my P2s. Any suggestions?
  4. Oldbear

    iWatch GPS

    I will start out with what I want to use my iWatch 6 for...mark the location of a potentially new WWII ship wreck, a Higgins Landing Craft. I spotted the wreck a month ago on a DPV trip to another known WWII wreck. After looking at the the charts this one appears to not be charted. Our plan is...
  5. Oldbear

    DPVs in Truk Off Odyssey

    In about a week I leave for a 1-week trip on the Truk Odyssey with two other friends. Our dilemma is whether or not to take DPVs. We are all diving doubles and trained for decompression diving. We also know the main attraction is Wreck Penetrations. The flight is just 3 hrs and one plane...
  6. Oldbear

    BSAC in UAE?

    About 6 years ago while working in Kuwait I joined the local BSAC. I really enjoyed my Dive Leader training ang the social aspect of that club. I thought at the time there were a couple of BSAC clubs in UAE. Do any of these still exist?
  7. Oldbear

    Computer vs Algorithm

    I think we all have seen posts where someone asks for opinions on computer X or to compare computer Y to computer Z and the discussion always evolves into algorithm A is better than algorithm B, but algorithm B is much better than algorithm C because it comes in computer X. So which is
  8. Oldbear

    Bubbles Below Decal ... Free

    I have a decal from Bubbles Below dive store out of Woodinville WA. I was in Seattle in 2013 and did a couple of dives with Peter and had the pleasure of meeting Lynn...two experiences I will always cherish. I have one of the Bubbles Below decals posted in my shop, Dive Kwaj located on U.S Army...
  9. Oldbear

    Remove Diesel Fuel From Regs & BCD

    I have a good customer who had a boat capsize on her and dump diesel fuel in the water and all over her dive gear. It seems to have impregnated the plastic housings of her second stages and of course the fabric of her BCD. We have tried Blue Gold in a hyper sonic cleaner, but the second stages...
  10. Oldbear

    Transmitters Which Work with Several Brands of Computers

    I know that Aqua Lung's new transmitter for its i450 & i750 also works (links up) with Shearwater's Perdix AI and vice versa. Has anyone tried to sync a Suunto Vyper to one of these transmitters or are Suunto's transmitters exclusive to their dive computers?
  11. Oldbear

    Need Hotel Suggestions For San Francisco Near Airport/BART

    SBers, I a couple of weeks the GF & I will have a half day layover in San Francisco on our way home. We would like any suggestions for a hotel near the airport and close to BART for some sightseeing. Right now I only know of the Marriott and the Wesin...but I do not knopw anything about them or...
  12. Oldbear

    MK25 Squeaking After Recent Service

    A friend of mine recently had MK25/S600s setup serviced. Now the 1st stage squeaks when she inhales. She says it (both the S600s) breaths good even at 100+ fsw...just the 1st stage squeaks. The IP is 138-141 psi depending upon which gauge, we use. Anyone ever seen this before? Thanks. ~Oldbear~
  13. Oldbear

    Looped Bungees

    I am looking for any reliable information on how to tie/set up "loop bungees" on my Razor. Any suggestions via You Tube, books, etc.?
  14. Oldbear

    Scuba Cat Diving - Phuket

    Today I heard that Scuba Cat Diving in Phuket closed their doors about four years ago. Is this true? I was just on their website today. And after I heard they closed I returned to their site and noticed it had not been updated for several years. Do anyone know what happened to them? They had an...
  15. Oldbear

    Hitler Isn't AOW...

    I think it has been a while since this has been is time for a laugh again.
  16. Oldbear

    Razor 2.1 Harness - Manufactured by DSS

    After a lengthy research on different sidemount systems, based on reviews and functionality I recently purchased a Complete Razor Sidemount 2.1 System. I was pleasantly surprised and quite please when I learned that components are manufactured by Deep Sea Supply (DSS). I bought my first DSS...
  17. Oldbear

    Answered: Lost Threads From "New Posts"

    I have never seen this one before today. But when I reply to a tread the thread totally disappears from the "New Posts" section. Has anyone else seen this? Howard any ideas?
  18. Oldbear

    Best Compass On DPV?

    I have a couple of Seadoos that work great for what I do. I would like to mount a compass on it and I am looking for an appropriate compass and mount. Others here who use the same DPV attach an old Suunto S7 to the nose. I would prefer a larger compass. I saw the Sentry Dasboard and in concept...
  19. Oldbear

    Regulator Service Tools

    I am building my tool box and my primary source is Scuba Tools. My question is, "Are there any other good sources for regulator service tools?" I cannot travel or wait for DEMA so my only choice is on-line.
  20. Oldbear

    Diaphragm vs. Piston Regulators

    I know divers have their personal preferences and brand/model loyalty but strictly from a functional stand point what are the advantages and disadvantages between balanced diaphragm 1st/2nd stages and balanced piston 1st/2nd stages?
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