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    Qty 2 Hollis H-160 DPV (Dive Propulsion Vehicle) Scooter

    I have 2 Hollis H-160 DPV's for sale...Yes 2. They are each in excellent condition, each has an extra set of batteries and each set of batteries (4 total) have it's won charger. WOW!!! Hollis H-160 DPV's - These retail at over $3500/ea without the extra batteries and chargers. This is a great...

    Trip Report: USS Oriskany from Pensacola aboard Niuhi Charter 09-30-12

    Now finally we get to today's diving (Sunday) and we again had Bill and our Diving Diva Andrea Wraalstad. This was a trip to the Oriskany and although the weather looked questionable when we got up this morning the rain stopped as we were loading the boat up and the seas were nice on the way...

    Trip Report: Pensacola, Florida YDT-15 and Penhall Reef aboard Niuhi on 09-29-12

    After we got back to the dock on Saturday after our mornig trip we flipped the boat over and loaded it back up with some fresh new divers and our new friend Bill and headed back out for a Midshore dive trip. This time we started at the YDT-15. We had a few people spearfishing with us so we ended...

    Trip Report: Russian Freighter and Tex Edwards aboard Niuhi 09-29-12

    Our first trip of the day aboard Niuhi Dive Charter in Pensacola, Florida was to the Russian Freighter an old favorite of mine. On Saturday we went to the Russian Freighter in the AM and had about 40-50 foot vis we had our Diving Diva Andrea Wraalstad onboard and...

    Trip Report: Dredge Avocet 9-16-2012 Spearfishing Trip with Niuhi Dive Charters

    Spearfishing trip to the Dredge Avocet in Pensacola Florida. The water was the most beautiful Blue I've ever seen in Pensacola and we were treated to 150' of visability on the first dive and water temps of 81*. I had bumped my Go-Pro mode from video to picture at some point and missed the video...

    Trip Report: Pete Tide II & YDT-14 16 September 2012

    We had an awesome trip aboard the CHarter boat Niuhi this last weekend. The first trip of the day was to the Pete Tide II. I knew as soon as we splashed that we were in for a treat. Vis at the surface was awesome and at 10' the top of the wheel house came into view. It...

    Rich Sleppy - Long time DM/Instructor in Pensacola Florida Passed on February 10th

    I know this belongs in passing but MOD please allow me a bit of slack here, I don't want it to get hidden away from the folks who knew him in DDD Friday February 10th Rich Sleppy passed away after complications he suffered from a Cardiac Event. Rich is best known to many as the smiling, Highly...

    Ft. Pickens Night Dive 01-23-12 with Nightsea (Underwater Fluorescence)

    All right, Let me start with a quick lesson in Underwater Fluorescence: Basically some forms of Cnidarians which include Anemones, as well as some corals produce a Protein based chemical which they use to possibly protect them from the Suns UV radiation, in effect a sort of SunScreen. We can't...

    Analox ATA Trimix Analyzer

    I have an Analox ATA Trimix Analyzer, case, sampling hose and flow restictor for Trimix. BOTH SENSORS ARE BAD!! This analyzer was working fine the last time I stored it but now both the Helium and the Oxygen sensors are outputting no voltage. New sensors are available at several On-Line stores...
  10. MRXRAY

    Best of Pensacola Florida video contest on Oriskany

    Folks the Discovery Channel is running a contest for the best of Pensacola. They came and performed a short video of what they felt were the High points of Pensacola. They chose to video one Diving operation which was the H2O Below they are the only Scuba related venue they did the rest are...
  11. MRXRAY

    Oxycheq Expedition - X O2 Analyzer ( Nitrox ) Oxygen

    I have a like new Oxygen Analyzer with case and sensor. The sensor still will calibrate to 21% and the unit itself still has the lens protective cover on it. Just was never used. These sell new for $329. Asking $250 or best offer. PM me if interested or if you want pictures.
  12. MRXRAY

    Silent Submersion Scooter

    Hey, I have a friend looking to sell his Silent Submersion Scooter. It is a UV-26. He's hoping for $2600 plus S/H from Pensacola, Florida area. PM me if you are interested.
  13. MRXRAY

    DAN O2 Kit. This is the Big Dog kit! With the Jumbo D tank

    I have a brand new DAN O2 kit for Scuba Diving, Boat or Home use. This kit is the kit that you can buy from DAN and was only opened to fill the Oxygen Cylinder and to take pictures. This kit sells from DAN for $800 with no Oxygen plus a whole lot of Shipping and Handling (Weighs 30 pounds with...
  14. MRXRAY

    Oxycheq Expedition - X O2 Analyzer ( Nitrox )

    I have posted a like new Analyxer on Craigslist. You can see it here: OxyCheq Oxygen O2 Nitrox Analyzer Scuba Contact me if you are interested and we can discuss S/H if needed.
  15. MRXRAY

    DAN O2 Kit

    I have a nearly brand new DAN O2 Kit for sale. Check it out on Craigslist here: DAN Oxygen O2 Kit Scuba Diving I will arrange S/H if you are interested!
  16. MRXRAY

    Ft. Pickens Night Dive Report 07-23-2011

    Picked up Recharge around 6:00 PM and met Hetland at Ft. Pickens a little after 6:30 on Saturday for a night dive at Ft. Pickens. There were a lot of fisherman along the bank as we entered the water so w decided to stay a little deeper and further from shore to avoid conflict with any fisherman...
  17. MRXRAY

    Ft. Pickens Dive Report 07-16-2011

    Our plans to fill our freezers with Red Snapper on Saturday was cut short by bad weather offshore so we decided to make the best of it by heading to Ft. Pickens to do a bit of diving. Except for a bit of rain conditions were fairly nice on the bay side and we made it to the water really close to...
  18. MRXRAY

    Dive Report: Ft. Pickens Jettie Night Dive 06-25-2011

    Hetland and I headed to Ft. Pickens Jettie for a night dive after a quick splash at the new Portifino Reef. (The Portifion Reef will be nice once more life moves in, we did however see one small Octopus on one of the Christmas trees.) Splash time was 8:45 PM and the viz looked like it was...
  19. MRXRAY

    Icon HD Air Integration

    Mares folks, I purchased the Mares Icon HD in February 2010 under the geis that Air integration was right around the corner. At the time I purchased the Icon HD the Mares Website proclamied that the air integration option would be available in the Spring of 2010. That never happened and later...
  20. MRXRAY

    Dive Report: St. Andrews State Park 23 April 2011

    Joined Recharge and Hetland for a trip to St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, FL. High Tide was at 1:30PM and we hit the Packed parking lot and got a Cherry parking spot at about 10:30AM. A quick peak at the conditions confirmed the rumor that they are in fact dredging right in front of...
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