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  1. Oldbear

    IDC Choices: 2 Week vs 12 Month Internship

    I have recommended Ross Neill at Rainbow Reef to many of our local divers who decided to train other than here (Kwajalein). Rainbow Reef is going to teach you how to use PADI’s teaching system…just like most other IDC programs. It will be up to you how you implement it. How to mix your style...
  2. Oldbear

    DIR- GUE Regulator Set Recommendations

    I was a fan of Atomic regulators, then went down the ScubaPro dirt road. I am back with Atomic. I just sold my MK25s/S600s and am now using Atomic M1s for stage/deco cylinders. They breath better (my opinion) and yon can use them with 80% O2 from the factory.
  3. Oldbear

    Scubapro 2nd stage advice

    I would go with the G260. If cave diving, you can open it and clean out any debris under water with gloves on…if needed.
  4. Oldbear

    How to answer "what is your highest certification level"?

    Most of the time when diving away from my home port I am diving with a business associate in one fashion or another. So they already know my cert level. Other times I show them what’s needed for a dive, e.g. AOW & EAN or Extended Range.
  5. Oldbear

    0 to Full Cave in 150 dives?

    I voted “Depends on the diver” In Kwajalein we have divers at both ends of the spectrum. There’s this one diver who by the time he had 30 dives could have been a poster child for balance trim and neutral buoyancy. This guy came from a swimming family with included competition swimmers and...
  6. Oldbear

    Any updates to Capt. Vern’s Murder

    I had the pleasure of sailing with Vern Twice. The first time I, however, relaxed so much I slept most of the crossing. In the previous 48 hours, I flew from Egypt, to Europe, to Denver. Drive 500 miles round trip for a job interview. Then flew from Denver to Roatan where Vern was waiting for...
  7. Oldbear

    Good destinations for OW checkout dives for 15yo?

    In Kwajalein, we do about 95-98% shore dives with out Open Water/Jr. Open Water students. They are readily available in about 5-10 bike ride from our houses and nicely set up for diving. But I can tell you, I much rather dive from a boat than do a shore dive.
  8. Oldbear

    Trip Report Key Largo, Feb 2021 Trip

    First...the internet is NOT the place to learn the ins & outs of how EAN (nitrox). Please see a reputable instructor. When planning the use of Nitrox we use ‘Dalton’ Triangle’. This video should answer your initial questions.
  9. Oldbear

    Any updates to Capt. Vern’s Murder

    For those who missed the opportunity to meet and sail with Capt Vern you truly missed one of the finest individuals I had the pleasure of meeting. In April/May 2012 I did my Divemaster training at UDC. Capt Vern ran a catamaran ferrying service daily between Roatan and Utila. In my opinion it...
  10. Oldbear

    Ranking of Scuba Specialty courses

    My most requested specialties are: Wreck/DPV (combined) Self Reliant Diver Shark Conservation w/local adaptations My most popular (numbers): Zombie Apocalypse Diver (offered around Halloween time) Divers Against Debris (offered the morning before a Harbor Cleanup dive My store: EAN Each...
  11. Oldbear

    Ranking of Scuba Specialty courses

    Well that didn’t take long to morph into a pro-con AOW conversation.
  12. Oldbear

    Dwyer DM 1000 Series Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

    While the refresh rate is as fast as 1 second, I can see how an analog might be better in case the second stage locks up between seconds. But the feature that attracted me to the gauge was the “peak” feature. The peak stores the highest pressure readings between uses. With my analog gauges, it...
  13. Oldbear

    Dwyer DM 1000 Series Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

    Has anyone used the Dwyer DM1000 Series Digital Differential Pressure Gauge? I have several of their time tested 2000 Series gauges, but just curious how well the digital gauge works for bench testing. Series DM-1000 | DigiMag® Digital Differential Pressure and Flow Gages monitors the pressure...
  14. Oldbear

    Atomic Aquatic Regulators.

    I had a customer who asked to compare breathability of a B2 and a Mk25/S620i right out of their boxes. He choose the B2 solely because it breathed better. Then he really liked the comfort swivel, more robust service interval (he lives on a boat traveling the Pacific) and the Lowe price. I too...
  15. Oldbear

    To lube or not to lube O-rings?

    Read the service manual...not all o-rings should be lubricated.
  16. Oldbear

    Scuba Quiz

    We have a Distinctive Specialty for things most ScubaBoaders haven’t even dreamed of yet
  17. Oldbear

    Subgravity Paragon harness

    I have used them and my first impression was I really liked the design. But after using them a few dive I determined they were not for me. I “buckle” my waist strap/belt while gearing up. Then in the water I make my final adjustments. I found the simple buckle easier to tighten in the water...
  18. Oldbear

    F×<[$%> weather

    Frank the Marine Dept is alway looking for someone with your no neoprene wetsuits when we dive the Prinz Eugene.
  19. Oldbear

    F×<[$%> weather

    Enjoy you “Real Dives” I will enjoy my “wussy” warm water dives; at least 4 dives per day in my rash guard and board shorts without any chills, frozen dry suit zippers, nor leaky neck seals.
  20. Oldbear

    Question for Mexican Cavers

    SavDiver any luck with the video links? Now I am curious.
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