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  1. DeepBlueResort

    Utila Whale Sharks and Gulf oil spill

    Hi I have been contacted by Dr Eric Hoffmayer who runs the Gulf Research institute at the University of Southern Mississippi who is working with Dr Rachel Graham this morning, these are people that Utila work with very closely on Whale Shark research, I am sure that all of you have heard...
  2. DeepBlueResort

    Whale Sharks of Utila

    Hi All I would just like to let everyone know that due to the hard work of all the tourists that come to Utila, the dive shops, and the research organizations on Utila, 2008 was a very special year for us as we became the only place in the world with records showing that we saw whale sharks...
  3. DeepBlueResort

    Scuba Music

    Hi All Well I am afraid that I want to do some blatant advertising but not for myself, a couple of weeks ago at Deep Blue Resort we had a wonderful guy and a great diver staying with us, but if that was not enough he was a good musician as well, his name is Pup Morse, some of you may know...
  4. DeepBlueResort

    Very Bad News

    Hi All This is the worst news I have seen about our oceans in a long time, here are some quotes from the web link I am posting at the end. Less than 1% of oceanic whitetip sharks--thought to have been the most common warm-water oceanic shark just fifty years ago--remain in the Gulf of...
  5. DeepBlueResort

    Deep Blue Utila News on Wilma

    Hi All Just to let everone know that it is 11am here on Utila, Wednesday 19th, Wilma is not having much effect on us at the moment, we have a little wind, a little rain, the sea it not that rough at the moment and we hope it stays that way. Have a look at these links...
  6. DeepBlueResort

    new world's depth record

    South African Nuno Gomes world's deepest scuba diver DAHAB, Egypt 13 June 2005 South African technical diver Nuno Gomes broke the world deep scuba diving record when he reached a depth of 318.25 meters (1044 feet) in the Red Sea.
  7. DeepBlueResort

    Another Shark attack Diver Injured in Shark Attack TAEAN (Yonhap) _ A diver's leg was injured in a shark attack yesterday off the west coast of Taean County, South Chungchong Province, maritime police officers said. The 38-year-old...
  8. DeepBlueResort

    Whale Shark update

    Hi All I did promise that after our Whale Shark season I would put something on the boards about what we are doing. This year we had one of the best seasons we have ever had, which is quite amazing as the next stop on their migration is Belize and on the last few years they have been down...
  9. DeepBlueResort

    Help, Belize keep watching

    Hi All Yesterday morning (Saturday) 2 Whales passed the North side of Utila heading in the direction of Belize, very few people managed to see them, my instructors got a brief look and think they were Sperm Whales. So Please please anyone in the Belize area if you see them and get a good...
  10. DeepBlueResort

    Whale Sharks a little information

    Just thought you guys would like to know a little about the Whale Shark. Whale Sharks Latin Name Rhincodon typus German: Walhai French: Requin baleine Spanish: Tiburon ballena History The whale shark was first described and named in 1828, based on a specimen...
  11. DeepBlueResort

    Whale Sharks in Utila

    It is a little bit late this year but the Whale Sharks are here again, we have been with them for the last 3 Days and they have been very good sized ones. Get here now last chance this year ....
  12. DeepBlueResort

    Whale Sharks back in Utila

    Hi All Just to let everyone know, the Whale Sharks are back in Utila we have been seeing them all week, i have seen them so many times but it is still amazing
  13. DeepBlueResort

    Worlds Deepest Woman

    Hi All I think the deepest that a man has been on scuba is 313meters 1040ft Approx but what is the world record for women? Does anyone know of any links etc
  14. DeepBlueResort

    English Divers

    Hi all We are an English couple who own a dive resort on the Caribbean Island of Utila just off the coast of Honduras, stunning diving and one of the last places you can still see Whale Sharks and it is fantastic value the diving here is cheap, we have specials at different times of the year...
  15. DeepBlueResort

    Utila Hurricane Ivan

    Hi Everyone Just to let all you fans of Utila know that we havnt had any problems from Hurricance Ivan just a little swell and short rain showers, all our wishes go to the people in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, good luck and hope everyone stays safe
  16. DeepBlueResort

    Hi All and a sad goodbye to Mr Bill at CoCo View

    Hi all, I have been looking at Scubaboard for a while and have never registered, all my customers have been telling me that i should and i have to thank them as well for posting such good reports about us, to you who dont know me i am Steve from Deep Blue Divers in Utila, Bay Islands...
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