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    Dive Sites of China

    I'm looking for any information on the diving in China, obvious sites are the lost city and the great wall, but we are looking for other spots that may be interesting. China is pretty huge there must be some good spots over there. Happy if people want to email me directly on...
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    Omer Tuna Freedive fins size 46-48

    Omer Spearfishing Freediving Fins in Sydney, NSW | eBay
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    Suunto D9 Transmitter for Sale

    Suunto D9 Transmitter | eBay
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    Humpback Trip to Tonga

    Just trying to fill the last couple of spots to Tonga for our humpback trips ginclearfilm | Humpback whale swim Tonga It is an amazing trip and I have chartered a private boat for these trips, it has just be refurbed and we are planning on getting away from other groups and heading to a few...
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    Canon XH A1 / Gates Combo Rig

    Open for offers.... really need to sell this. Great camera, heaps of spares and produces wonderful images.
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    Canon XH A1 / Gates Combo Rig

    Looking to finally sell my Gates / Canon XHA1 Combo, it has been used on multiple productions for networks in Australia and overseas. It has never missed a beat and still produces stunning images. I am selling due to upgrading to a RED setup last year and it just isn't getting used that...
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    Tongan humpbackss

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    Tongan humpbackss

    Thought you guys might like this, Tongan Humpbacks 2012 on Vimeo ---------- Post Merged at 11:11 AM ---------- Previous Post was at 10:41 AM ---------- BTW does anyone know how to edit the title of the thread so I can correct spelling
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    Tonga 23rd to 30th August 2012

    Down to two spots.... it would be great to fill it, any questions please don't hesitate to call or email me on +61410293065 or
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    Tonga 23rd to 30th August 2012

    Hi Guys, I am taking a couple of trips to Tonga to swim with the Humpbacks, the first week is now full but I have 3 spots left on the 2nd week which runs from the 23rd August to the 30th August 2012. More info is here http://www.ginclearf...wim-with-whales or on our facebook page. Should...
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    Underwater Scarlet / Gates Deep Epic Footage

    I am using 50 watt HID's and 1000 lumen LED, to be honest I am not super happy with them. I have used L&M 4000's and wasn't sold by them either so really waiting to see what turns up, the Gates ones look pretty nice and could be a possible option
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    Dedicated HD DV camcorders vs. GoPro.

    Tools for certain jobs, I own GoPro's, full HD 3 Chip cameras, DSLRS and a Red and they all get used dependant on job. For the money they are absolutely brilliant but they will never work well at depth without light
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    Underwater Scarlet / Gates Deep Epic Footage

    This footage was from a pre- production shoot its a quick and dirty cut, conditions weren't great, vis on the wreck was 5-7m, Fish Rock was better at 15m vis but the depth was reasonably deep at about 30m. I am going to sound like every other guy with a Red but the vimeo thing just doesn't do...
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    Private Charter Whale trip to Tonga in August

    Apologies if this is in the wrong spot or not allowed. I have a spare spot to Tonga on a private whale charter in August, it leaves on the 16th And returns on the 23rd. I have limited the numbers on the boat so we maximize the time in the water, email me on for more...
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    Diveways full face mask to buy?

    Did you ever find out, I am keen to possibly purchase a couple for an upcoming show I am shooting
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    New showreel comments welcome

    Thanks for the kind words,
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    New showreel comments welcome

    ginclearfilm 2011 Show Reel on Vimeo
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    hdr fx7 help

    That's pretty tough, how old is the camera?
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    Marine Studies Course TAFE Sydney

    Ok so here are important dates if you are interested Here is some more relevant info, Info Night is Tuesday 28 June 2011 from 5:00pm 7:00pm in D Block, Level 1, Room 3 (D.1.3). and D.1.6 154 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale, NSW 2100 Enrollments are Wednesday 29 June 2011 12 midday to 7:00pm...
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