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  2. markkelsey

    Help with Key Largo

    Horizon Divers was my favorite dive operation.
  3. markkelsey

    Hi from New Jersey!

    Welcome to the Board and Scuba!
  4. markkelsey

    Diving at Beaches Resorts

    Wow!!!!!! You have had some Great jobs. I loved the Couples Negril resort. The watersports department is a great group.
  5. markkelsey

    Hi from New York

    Welcome to the board!!!
  6. markkelsey

    Chat room

    I think he knows that with you responding
  7. markkelsey

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the board!!!
  8. markkelsey

    Hi There!

    Welcome to the Board!!! Lots of great diving in jupiter.
  9. markkelsey

    I'm PUMPED!

    A word of advise is to take the class and get certified before you start buying a bunch of gear. The dive shop that you take your class from will let you try a bunch of different gear. See what you like. Also, you gear is going to be different pending on where you plan of diving at. Again...
  10. markkelsey

    Hello from NJ

    Welcome to the board Dave!!! Stop by the DNY group and hang with some of the local divers from NJ, NY, PA and some of the other nomads.
  11. markkelsey

    ScubaSteve001's Birthday TODAY!

    Happy Birhtday Steve!!!
  12. markkelsey

    Hello SB from S.I. NY

    Welcome To Board! Come around and join the DNY group and meet the locals and a great family aof divers.
  13. markkelsey

    Certified? Now what in NY

    Come on over and join the DNY group.
  14. markkelsey

    The check is in the mail

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