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    For Sale Tech Gear lot for sale, Tanks, regs, etc.

    How much for the argon bottle only?
  2. J

    SOLD!!! KISS Classic Explorer 443

    If this is still available I would like to discuss buying your unit.
  3. J

    Joe Porter, Founder of Wreck Diving Magazine, dies from COVID-19

    What a shame. I met Joe at wreck week in Dominican Republic many years ago. Really nice guy and passionate about wreck diving and produced a great magazine. He will be truly missed. My condolences to his family
  4. J

    How long should a housing hold a vacuum?

    My Aqutica has held it's vacuum for as long as a week. I only open it to change batteries. There seems to be a new vacuum circuit as a CR 2023 battery will last almost a week while flashing it's green is good light every 5 seconds.
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    For Sale OMS Slipstream XXL Flippers for Sale

    FFS they are fins. Seals and whales have flippers
  6. J

    Nikon Z line up

    What exposure settings are you using. I was using a D7000 for years and have switched to a Z series. I am confused about focus settings as there are so many options now. Exposure will come with time as I shoot all manual.
  7. J

    SOLD!!! Shearwater Pursuit Dive Computer - $250 US

    It's a steal at that price. Still a good basic unit for both OC and CC.If I didn't have one for a back up already I would grab it at that price.
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    For Sale Canadian Dollars Huge list of gear

    Charlene: If you still have a 6 cu ft tank I will take one
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    For Sale Aquatica housing and Ports for Sony A6500 camera

    I have sold the dome port, the flip holder and the step up extension ring. I have already purchased my new housing so this needs to move. Best reasonable offer takes it. Buyer to pay actual cost of shipping as charged, no other charges
  10. J

    WTB Stand for my KISS unit

    Torching it is worth a try. I am trying to find someone with a brake press to bend it back into shape
  11. J

    WTB Stand for my KISS unit

    It's actually a Sport but the Classic stand fits it as well. P;ease let me know where as I have tried beating the crap out of it and I am getting nowhere
  12. J

    WTB Stand for my KISS unit

    I bent the stand for my rebreather - please DON'T ask how and can't seem to pound it back into the correct shape. Does anyone have a Narked@90 stand surplus to their needs? if so please let me know asking price and your location to calculate shipping. If there is anyone in the Great Lakes area...
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    Any recent dives in Barbados?

    I was in T & C 2 years ago. There is still good diving but nowhere near what it was 20 years ago. Also prices have gone through the roof. One week in Provo was more than 10 days in Barbados
  14. J

    Any recent dives in Barbados?

    There is still a mandated quarantine on entry to Barbados which means unless you are staying for a while the first week or so you will only see your hotel room. I have been diving with Barbados Blue since 2005 and count the staff among my friends. Barbados diving is pretty good. It is not like...
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    Looking for a dive shop in Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos. Is Provo any good? Leaving in 12 days.

    Also Aqua TCI are great. Small boat like Flamingo divers
  16. J

    KISS Sport

    I have a pair of bare Sport KISS lungs but without the flange to connect to the scrubber if that helps
  17. J

    Perdix - No Comms

    It happens from time to time. I just raise my arm to get closer to the transmitter and problem solved. Some dives it never happens some dives 1 0r 2 times. Nothing to obsess about. Just wait a moment and it works again
  18. J

    TDI Advanced Nitrox in Turks?

    There hasn't been any technical diving from shops for probably 20 years. Just basic nitrox is available. All the boats limit dives to about 1 hour so there is no call for it unless you can make special arrangements like chartering an entire boat.
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