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    Your Helmet Choice and Why?

    The controversy started a long time back with some of the more hyperbolic DIR types. Generally the view was that the helmet was not a compliant item. As Scubacooled mentions in his rather good post the helmet mounted lights can be problematic. In recent years therefore most dive oriented cave...
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    Your Helmet Choice and Why?

    Here you go: Diving in the UK - helmet British cave divers - no hat The latter being in France (Ressel).
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    Your Helmet Choice and Why?

    Well I'm British and don't wear one and all the people I know don't either. There are not many diveable caves in the UK but the handful that exist are mostly sumps which need some dry caving and mines which often also need dry caving to get to them. That sort of "diving" probably needs a...
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    CoronaVirus Dilemma

    It provides a warm wet environment just in front of your nose. Ideal for breeding bacteria and virus.
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    Solo diving in shallow water

    LOL. That's not Bournemouth. (Looks nice though)
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    Solo diving in shallow water

    A lot to look at here. Firstly there is no "Licence" - you have simply completed training. There is no requirement to do so and none required to solo dive. Anyone that wants can buy anything they like and do any dive they like and if you dive alone there is also no one to stop you! So my...
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    Keep or Sell?

    I don't think anyone is 'collecting' this gear - I would use it. The BC should last another 20 years or so.
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    Medical certificate for over 40's in Spain

    No. The cost benefit is clear. If you have a recent medical you are not going to get a "no" from wherever you go and whichever centre takes your fancy. Measure that against the cost of getting there and all the other issues and the medical becomes nothing more than an irritation. We dive in...
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    The normalization of dives to 100 meters and beyond

    The increase in depth reflects the development of technology. Just as helium increased the range of open circuit diving, rebreathers increase the ability of divers to explore deeper sites. It is in the nature of humans to push the envelope, we seek out the limits and then what is "safe" what...
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    Dive the Shipwrecks of D-Day (Normandy France)

    My kind of shore dive!
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    Dive the Shipwrecks of D-Day (Normandy France)

    I don't think anyone is sure about anything at this minute! If the UK leaves without any agreement it is possible that UK boats might need a permit or similar and if you are entering French waters there is the issue of immigration to think about. It's quite easy to see the problems (and to...
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    Redundant / Emergency Buoyancy. Lift Bag vs SMB

    I would think the tube is easiest to use in a confined space - you could inflate it partially and then place it under your chest either end under the arms like a swimming float. Seems a rather odd thing in an overhead environment to me. A drysuit would be a better choice IMHO.
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    Moving to Europe, regulator question

    Have a look at prices. As I understand it from this board regs are expensive in the US. It might just be that your reg is worth more to sell in the US than a new reg in Germany. I had an Apeks changed from yoke to DIN and the cost was about 40 Euro.
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    Being a Cyclist and Scuba Diver problem

    I am a mountainbiker and my legs are used to the same movement. As suggested by the Chairman the frog kick is a much better finning style. You should be aerobically fit so use far less gas than other divers. Firstly when underwater you barely need to fin at all. You only move your legs when...
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    Metric measurements?

    It's a thousand ccs. However the relative volume of gas in a full cylinder depends upon the ambient pressure outside - if you empty the tank in space it is many times greater than 2784L of gas in it. Much better to use a measurement like Mole.
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    Metric measurements?

    Part of a teacup. (Why you would put whisky in a teacup I don't know, foreigners put an e in it ;))
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    Metric measurements?

    Oddly that's the only bit of the Imperial system I cannot get my head round. A meter and a yard are near enough so a meter is three foot and 15psi is atmospheric pressure so one bar (ATM). Submarine pressure is easy in metric but not really really hard in Imperial. But cubic feet (really?)...
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    Cost of running a diver operation

    I have lost count of the number of spreadsheets I have done on this subject. They all confirm the three above posts. I am not 100% sure that all divers look for the cheapest outfit, but they do all expect to be taken to the best sites and the skipper to know the site and how to dive it. So...
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    Risk of Diving vs Driving

    I am guilty of saying more at risk driving to the dive than whilst diving. However, the statistics are misleading because they are both incomplete and out of context. The big old SUV probably takes longer to stop, especially if it has all terrain tyres, and a sub compact would have not had the...
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    What is a good, small boat?

    This is an important consideration. Like you I enjoy boats and see the advantage of having one of your own (just not a small one) but the critical issue is having a group of people you like to dive with that are willing and able to dive with you and share boat duties. 4 people is a good base...
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