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  1. Phil_218

    Becoming a dive professional in Texas

    I live in Austin and work for Scubaland Adventures. If your friend is still looking to get into the field he/she should contact the store owner, Rob. He is looking to hire full or part time help for the store. Our phone number is 512-323-6999.
  2. Phil_218

    A700 Second Stage 'Clicking'

    I see the same thing every day. Occassionally I'll get a well worn set that comes in reasonably clean, but not often. Had a customer come in the other day with MK25/S600 combo. LP inflator hose was virtually stuck to the power inflator, corrosion on every connection, and green filter. He was...
  3. Phil_218

    PSI Cylinder Inspector Course 6/24/2016

    NOTE: We need one more to make this class happen. PSI cylinder Inspector course will be held June 24th from 10am-6pm at Duggan Diving in Universal City. Course will be conducted by EK Sowell of Diver's Depot. Course will certify you to conduct annual inspections of scuba cylinders and...
  4. Phil_218

    PADI DM for Naui class?

    Can a PADI DM (teaching status) assist (supervise) with a NAUI class or would you have to be a NAUI DM or AI? Thanks.
  5. Phil_218

    Some divers don't like river and lake dives

    Like most, I prefer the beautiful scenery found in the blue water; however, it would be very difficult for me to dive as often as I do if it weren't for jumping in my local lakes and rivers. I love to dive and will find things to enjoy about almost any location.
  6. Phil_218

    Just starting a DM Course - Advice?

    I purchased my crewpak and began studying about three months before beginning the classes. Work your way through the DM manual and Encyclopedia. The biggest portions to study are the Physiology and Physics. Also take some time reading through the Instructor Manual to get a feel for where each...
  7. Phil_218

    Favorite LDS?

    Who is your favorite LDS(s) and what is it you like about them? My "Local" DSs are in San Antonio and after the experiences I've had with each I choose to take my business to the furthest from me, which is Duggan Diving. I think their prices are fair and the people are friendly. John, the...
  8. Phil_218

    hydro testing

    I took my tanks to Duggan Diving who charged me $30 (each) which included the Hydro, VIP (w/ visual eddy), and air fill. Not a bad price in my opinion.
  9. Phil_218

    Canyon Lake

    A buddy and I hit North Park last Friday (4/30/11). The weather was sunny, but heavy winds which stirred up the viz. Temp was 70 degrees down to 38' where we found a thermocline. We stayed above the thermocline as our purpose was to take a quick tour then clean off a platform to prepare for...
  10. Phil_218

    Eagle Ray Divers, Cozumel......Review

    LSU, Unfortunately my wife had a similar negative experience while doing a Discover Scuba with them. My dives went fine, but Antonio took her on her first dive over 50' of water. She had never worn scuba equipment and was nervous to begin with. I won't go into detail, but he was less than...
  11. Phil_218

    Anyone interested in diving the comal tomorrow? 2/20/11

    I know this isn't what you're wanting, but for fyi, Duggan Diving will have an OW class on upper side.
  12. Phil_218

    Typical cost of DM course

    Signed up for DM course with LDS for $350. Looking forward to starting!
  13. Phil_218

    Typical cost of DM course

    Thank you for all the feedback. It sounds like the ballpark in this area will range $400-600. Thank you for explaining the Pre-Application, it makes sense. A lawsuit happens and regulations are put in place to "fix" the problem, gotta love government.
  14. Phil_218

    Typical cost of DM course

    I am considering beginning the PADI Divemaster course. From the research I've done already, I've found only a few LDS which post their prices for the course. Of the ones I've seen, it sounds as if $600 is an average price range for the course. 1. Is this a fairly standard cost for the this...
  15. Phil_218

    Diving in Missouri

    My wife and I used to enjoy going to Kimberling City for bass tournements. It was our favorite stop on the circuit. Someday I hope to go for a weekend of diving, see things from the other point of view. lol
  16. Phil_218

    Diving in Missouri

    I'm originally from KC (Blue Springs) and still have family there. I don't go back often, but would like to dive on one of my trips home. Does anyone dive Longview Lake, Lake Jacomo / Blue Springs Lake, Smithville Lake, Lake Tapawingo, Lake Lotowanna, Lake Prairie, or are these not divable...
  17. Phil_218

    Movie Title

    By chance was it "Scuba"
  18. Phil_218

    PSD Training

    Got it, thanks.
  19. Phil_218

    PSD Training

    Mark, what exercises would you suggest I could do to buildup to watermanship skill level needed to take a PSD course? Thanks, Phillip
  20. Phil_218

    Accomplishments of 2010?

    2010: Dive more than 2009 Complete Master Diver cert Log more than 50 dives Add more dive buddies to list 2011: Cozumel trip Complete Dive Master Log more than 50 dives Get a dry suit add more dive buddies to the list Improve skills and expand experiences
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