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  1. Spack9

    Old enemy: Near drowning trauma

    I feel your pain. I fell and was trapped under a boat when I was 4 years old. I came back to on the boat. I remember it like it was yesterday. I understand why you would be concerned. My experience has never come back to bite me. I do get reminded when I inhale a little water like you mentioned...
  2. Spack9

    Pre dive ear prep

    Flonase has worked wonders for me. Doctor with dive experience told me the following: Flonase every day when dealing with allergies, takes about 5 days to build up in your system. Sudaphed a hour before the dive and Afrin 10 mins before the plunge. Just the Flonase has made be symptom free.
  3. Spack9

    Diving in Norcal

    Congrats on taking the plunge again. I am in the same boat just the opposite coast. I'm at Mcguire AFB. There is a member here on SB who teaches vets and active duty for free. Really a great person and very experienced diver. I am a C-17 Crew Chief and travel out that way time to time. I will...
  4. Spack9

    Things you've found under water

    I found a 88 Fox body Mustang in a old quarry nobody dives, way back up in the woods. The Odometer only read 20,000 miles. My dive buddy got a picture of the VIN. Found out it was reported stolen in 89. Sure was a strange sight at 75ft.
  5. Spack9

    Maintaining depth in blue water

    That makes perfect sense. I was initially trained by a instructor who has been diving sine the formation of PDIC. I was taught like this and later dove overweighted. I went all the way to AOWD with this instructor and overweighted the whole time. It wasn't until recently in a pool with a very...
  6. Spack9

    Maintaining depth in blue water

    Not to beat the horse of weighting, but i was initially way over weighed by my first instructor. Im a 5' 5" male and I weigh 165lbs. I was diving 15lbsin a shorty 3mm in fresh and near 20lbs in salt water. I have just experienced true neutral buoyancy with only one or two quick burst of air in...
  7. Spack9

    Hello from PA. New to diving!

    I plan on visiting family in November around thanksgiving. I'm assuming we would dive with Olympus out of Morehead City. The air temps are avg of 71 water temps average 60 that time of year according to their website. Dutch Springs is colder than that. Keep me updated I can move my dates a...
  8. Spack9

    Hello from PA. New to diving!

    Yeah it would be a great dive! It's about 8 hours of driving for me. I'm down to go late fall of this year.
  9. Spack9

    Hello from PA. New to diving!

    Do you go to NC often? I'm originally from there and planning on going back later this year. I will also let you know nest time I plan to head to Dutch Springs.
  10. Spack9

    What is a dive snob?

    She sounds like a snob. Immediately un-friend her, you don't need that negativity in your life. :letsparty: I know a few people like the one your describing. I don't understand it, but to each their own. If would dive in my bathtub if it was big enough.
  11. Spack9

    No garage, no hose. I live in apartment. Caring for equipment?

    Bathtub worked for me until I got a house and garage. More of a pain but still doable.
  12. Spack9

    Hey all...

    Awesome! I was raised right down the road in the Rockingham-Laurinburg area. Small world! Next time I am leave down there I will get up with you and we will plan a trip!
  13. Spack9

    Hey all...

    Welcome! I'm originally from NC and visit often. Which part are you living in now?
  14. Spack9

    Good place for new diver

    I have dove with Express many times. Haven't dove with them since 2011, but they were top notch in my opinion. Very professional crew. We went to dive the City of Richmond, and the vis was terrible and seas were rough. We still attempted to dive, and also received a rain check for another dive...
  15. Spack9


    I just bought a Cressi Castoro Plus 7mm. Haven't dove it yet but fits good and isn't restrictive. I am a short stocky build, medium fit well, except the arms could be a inch shorter.
  16. Spack9

    Dutch Springs

    I'll see what I can do, and get back to you.
  17. Spack9

    Good Morning

    Welcome to SB!
  18. Spack9

    Veterans learn to dive for Free in PA and NJ! Liquid Therapy!

    I had a great time! I'm looking forward to Dutch soon, and meeting some new dive buddies!
  19. Spack9

    Dutch Springs

    I am planning a trip soon, I'm also looking for a dive buddy when I go. Not sure on dates yet but I will let you know.
  20. Spack9


    Welcome! I see you're located about an hour from me. I'm up in Jersey about 20 miles NE of Philly. There's a quarry up in Bethlehem PA called Dutch Springs. Haven't been yet but planning a trip sometime soon. Let me know if you'd like to buddy up.
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