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    Is it a bad idea to go to Belizein August?

    Thank you for your very thoughtful response. I also appreciate that you spoke to the difficulty of the diving. There were years decades ago when I did all sorts of diving, dry suit, Atlantic Ocean, Long Island. But a good number of years have gone by with only very occasional warm water diving...
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    Is it a bad idea to go to Belizein August?

    Having been home for a year and I half the soonest I can make a trip is august. Is it a waste to invest in an August trip? I am assuming that September and October are even more dicey. I would like to stay in Turneffe as Iove the idea of surface intervals on terra firma and having dive sites...
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    Reason To Make Bag Drag from Cancun to Cozumel for Diving

    An interesting data point is that New York City has a murder rate of 3 per 100,000. Less than 300 people were killed in 2018. How safe people “feel” in any given city is really irrelevant to the actual danger posed. So if anyone wants to compare Cancun to a major city in the states, there you...
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    Trip report – French Polynesia – Society Islands and Tuamotus Dec 2016

    I am hoping to do this exact trip in 2018 and want to hone my skills, so that maybe I can consider Fakarava... When I was last in Bora bora right after I got my open water card in 2003, we did the dive at Anu which had many manta rays. I want to do this at the very least with my significant...
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    Feb 19 2017 Cozumel diving fatality

    The woman who actually found her, who has more than a thousand dives, said that the victim had a half of tank of air when found. She did not surface because she had 700 psi. Fact.
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    Feb 19 2017 Cozumel diving fatality

    Ok, so in all this, after reading 28 pages, I have this question. The diver had her weights on when found. She hadn't run out of air, but was unresponsive with her regulator out of her mouth. The divers that found her couldn't safely get her to the surface. I had read on we that if possible...
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    Must do Dives in Bora Bora

    I love that dive! The problem is that it is NOT being offered on my sailing ! Any advice on how I can find an op to take us there? We are in port from 8am to 10pm.
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    Has anyone flown Aeromexico flt 417 JFK to CUN

    $270 round trip for this weekend.
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    Has anyone flown Aeromexico flt 417 JFK to CUN

    the pricing is pretty sweet. They have a flight a day with nonstop service from New York. Thanks!
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    Lost our vacation lodgings for March3-12

    Like anyone will book there now, who knows your story!
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    short boat rides and shore diving suggestions?

    Thank you all so very much! I appreciate every comment that you have made and am going to dig in and read up. In March, would the weather/wind be a factor in diving (or in potential choppy seas)? Of is it just luck?
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    short boat rides and shore diving suggestions?

    I have been thinking about Bonaire... my main concern are the ongoing reports of crime and such. But mostly getting there seems very time consuming. We just got back from the Galapos where we lamely snorkeled. The three stops really took it out of us. And so many people got messed up on...
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    short boat rides and shore diving suggestions?

    Back in the day, I dived frequently. Sadly, I am older and way rusty. And my ability to get motion sick has also upped. Where would you all recommend I stay where there is some shore diving where I can work on basic skills and find my bouancy as well as easy boat diving, where the walls do not...
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    Mayan Air from Cozumel.. help needed

    I am in COZ now and am thinking of taking Mayan Air back to Cancun... My question is, how far in advance do I need to be at the airport for the flight? Usually i am at an airport two hours in advance, but is this also true for the puddle jumper? Thanks for any advice. We have a 1:57pm flight...
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    Dive Boat Sank???

    I am a bit late to the thread, but after reading the first 14 pages, I am going to jump in on the point of flotation devices. The fact is that the best one IS the one you have with you, no matter how counterintuitive it may seem while sitting at home debating the physics. It has been widely...
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    best way to book Palace Hotel

    My sister and her family are not divers but are thinking about traveling to Cozumel in April. I have not stayed at any of the resorts south of town so could not advise her on those. Any thoughts or recommendations?
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    Doing the bag drag alone

    Did this solo as a middle aged single female... Bus is nice and airconditioned. Definately have the tricycle guy help you with you bags at PDC as he will bring you straight to the ticket counter and even to the bag check in for the ferry.
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    Scuba Mau Boat Sinking

    Or Italian..
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    Watson Murder Case - Discussion

    We will never know what really happened. The only fact that seems credible is that the guy was not much of a diver, and by some unknown combination of ignorance and negligence, took his wife on an ill fated trip. The insurance aspect, which lends financial motivation does not put him in a...
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    Status of the Scuba Mau boat sinking participants?

    I sure would not be posting here if it were me. I don't even post some of my own experiences!
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