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  1. Marvel

    TSandM -- Lynne Flaherty

    Peter, like so many others, words failed me when I heard this news. You & your family have my deepest condolences & prayers today & in the days to come. I had the privilege of serving on staff with Lynn here at SB & had nothing but the greatest respect for her. Her knowledge, her reasoned...
  2. Marvel

    R.I.P Netmage

    Just heard this terrrible news. My prayers are with Terri & Tim's family. He will be greatly missed in the SFL dive community.
  3. Marvel

    Camera Found 6/12/11- LBTS

    I'm happy to report that I took the camera over to Gold Coast Scuba in LBTS & the shop owner, Steve, was able to ID the owner of the camera! Only downside was that he lost a camera sale... :(
  4. Marvel

    Camera Found 6/12/11- LBTS

    Thanks, but I had already searched this forum & checked all threads before starting this one. Not the same location or camera.
  5. Marvel

    Camera Found 6/12/11- LBTS

    I found a camera/housing off Hibiscus in LBTS while diving yesterday. From the pictures, the divers who lost it went in at Datura. Please send me a PM if you think it might be yours.
  6. Marvel

    ScubaBoard Mobile Just got Easier!

    Downloaded Iris for my HTC TP2 but am not impressed so far. It will only display vertically, unlike Opera, which rotates when I turn my phone to a horizontal position. Guess I'll stick with Opera... but I still need that coaching session, Howard! (plus, I have stuff of yours to return :D )
  7. Marvel

    LBTS, Hibiscus St; Saturday October 10th Beach Dive

    Well... I'm not on call & ready to dive... I'm in!!! :fruit: Krista, what can I bring? (if you read this in time)
  8. Marvel

    Beach Diving Plans for Sat & Sun, 10/3 & 4

    <sigh> Yet another 4 weeks has rolled around... can't GO anywhere to dive but Hibiscus is not going anywhere for me, is it? ;)
  9. Marvel

    Happy Birthday DivingPrincessE

    :balloons: Happy Birthday Emily!!! :balloons:
  10. Marvel

    R.I.P PacketSniffer

    I still miss him.
  11. Marvel

    Uwatech Aladin Tec2G error message

    Nothing in the owners manual that I could find. FYI- here is a link to Contact Us
  12. Marvel


    Testing- need to find the button to start my own thread! Posted via Mobile Device
  13. Marvel

    Happy Birthday Puffer Fish

    :balloons: Happy Birthday Puff!!! :balloons:
  14. Marvel

    Beach Dive Sat morning?

    Yep! 2 blocks south of Commercial & El Mar Drive
  15. Marvel

    Beach Dive Sat morning?

    Tiggr & Phil are getting infairly late tonight so they are going to stay down here & dive with us tomorrow AM instead of going to BHB. See y'all in the morning!
  16. Marvel

    Lifts bags/SMBs, backplate/wings, wetsuit, OMS 66, etc.

    Great dealing with you, sir! I'm enjoying the new bp & looking forward to diving more this winter with the suit. :)
  17. Marvel

    Beach Dive Sat morning?

    I'll be diving my side yard (Hibiscus, LBTS). Can't really go to BHB when I'm on call. BTW, for those who don't know yet, I've moved.... across the street! :rofl3:
  18. Marvel

    LBTS Hibiscus St. or Euro Jacks August 15

    I guess I can make it...:rofl3: Doesn't look very good out there tonight, though.
  19. Marvel

    Do you think Nitrox is a deep diving gas?

    Pity you don't have a Fill Express nearby. Same price for air or Nitrox.
  20. Marvel

    Happy Birthday, Scuba_Jenny!!

    :balloons: Happy Brithday, Jenny!!! :balloons:
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