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  1. txgoose

    Solo Dive Boat

    Convince me I’m wrong.
  2. txgoose

    Slung Pony, Second on a necklace?

    I am calling out @tbone1004 because I think that he has talked about this. But I'll take info from anybody. I can say that I used the google search for " tbone1004 pony necklace" but couldn't dig up the post I thought I had read. So I apologize if it has already been...
  3. txgoose

    Want to Buy AquaLung Titan DIN (early series)

    Interested in pre-2008(?) Titan first stage DIN. Like: Thanks!
  4. txgoose

    Flex seal?

    I found this on a regulator I recently purchased. It is an LP hose. Will flex seal be a good backup for the zip tie or nah?
  5. txgoose

    Chrome Fever

    I have always appreciated vintage gear. I ride steel framed bicycles. I bought, cleaned, rebuilt and have been diving conshelfs almost as soon as I started diving. With other hobbies I have generally not cared for "safe queens." I always prefer to use what I have, enjoy the experience. The...
  6. txgoose

    Gulf Diving in the Clearwater Area?

    Is there much diving in the Clearwater area, and if so does anyone have any dive op recommendations? Looking to possibly fit some dives in. Anywhere between St Pete and Crystal River could be made to fit the plan. Thanks, txgoose
  7. txgoose

    Rebreathers and the 'Rona

    will scrubbers help kill the virus? I mean assuming that you could even find brillo pads to put in them, which you can't.
  8. txgoose

    DA Aquamaster leak behind first stage

    Caveat, this is really a question for Bryan at VDH, but since he is otherwise disposed and many are here to talk shop because we can't get out into the water, I'll ask anyway. So I have a new to me DA aqua master. When I apply air to it, it has a leak around the threads of the first stage...
  9. txgoose

    100th Dive

    For newbies, the 100th dive mark can be a bit of a threshold. Some do it nekid in the blue waters of the Caribbean. I did mine in a local quarry digging in the muck, helping a gentleman do some maintenance on a new platform. It was a crazy neat ride and very different from anything I had done...
  10. txgoose

    7mm wetsuit Buoyancy

    Anyone have a rough estimate for the buoyancy of a large 7mm suit? I realize that it may be a bit different with each one, just curious for a ballpark figure to adjust by to get into the pool the first time. Excited to extend my season.
  11. txgoose

    Prescription Mask, Panama City Beach, FL

    I am told that the owner of the shop we are diving with can likely give me the contact information for a place that makes prescription masks locally. But since I am not able to get in touch with him until the shop opens in the morning I thought i would ask here as well. Does anyone know of a...
  12. txgoose

    SDI Instructor Reccomendation

    I am based in Houston but would be willing to travel for a long weekend. Anyone had a great experience with their solo cert instructor? Thanks!
  13. txgoose

    Quiescence, Review not Trip Report

    As a suggestion from @Wookie I booked three days with Quiescence. Thank you, sir!! One day doesn't make a scientific sampling but I thought I'd briefly write up our day. First of all, I was a bit concerned about having a 30 minute window between check-in and departure. My family isn't...
  14. txgoose

    Cutting a steel tank

    I was gifted an older US Divers Steel tank. And I'd like to turn it into a bell. While it hasn't actually been condemned yet, 1) someone has taken liberties with a pipe wrench and the tank neck, 2) it appears to be a pipe thread tap. My base question is how much do I need to take off the...
  15. txgoose

    Got to dive a Gorski Helmet yesterday

    This is still in basic because I had two tenders and zero helmet skills of my own. The Houston Police Department Dive Team did a demonstration for a youth group I am involved with. After a presentation, they invited the youth to dive a couple pieces of their gear. (all participants are OW...
  16. txgoose

    Freedom Plate Harness Slider Question

    This could probably have been a PM sent to @Akimbo but maybe others are interested. And I am open to others’ input. Mr. Akimbo, You have posted about your PVC slider as well as the Sub-Gravity slider. Is there a context where one would be preferable over the other? Am I misunderstanding and...
  17. txgoose

    Drift diving ruin a marriage?

    I’m already jealous of my wife’s SAC. And she uses it against me by frequently telling me her tank pressure and asking for mine, near the end of a dive. I have to ignore her. There is a ten to fifteen minute window in there where she is just really hard to live with. I am hoping to...
  18. txgoose

    Scuba Police and/or rules committee

    Hypothetically speaking: A husband and wife team set out to try for a 90 minute dive. They navigate all over the quarry (shallow 26ffw max, 21 ave). Find all the platforms and all but one boat. Navigate back to the "entry" platform (18 ffw for the record). 87 minutes. Husband is at 500psi...
  19. txgoose

    Horribly out of Trim

    This past week I was fortunate enough to get to dive twice a day, every day, with my son. He has been working a bit on his buoyancy. Not diligently maybe but paying attention and working on it. Fast forward a bit to the actual trip. Day two he forgot his boots and had to borrow some fins...
  20. txgoose

    SCUBA Toasts

    I just got back from a week at BSA's Sea Base where I got to dive every day with my son. The one toast used more often (to get kids and adults to drink more water) was: "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, If it weren't for SCUBA, My Tanks would Rust!" Any other SCUBA, or diving or underwater...
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