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  1. Ostsee Taucher

    Fixing Drysuit Neck Seal

    Who ask questions like this are kindly recommended to leave the old seal and glue the new seal on the old one. Bonding two pieces of same material (latex and latex) is always much easier than bonding two different materials (suit fab. and latex). Applying heat is good technique to remove the...
  2. Ostsee Taucher

    Si Tech QCS rings adhesive (Bostik 2402?)

    Bostik 2402 will work well. I recommend you to test it in prior, however. Just apply the adhesive on the ring surface and dry it for several days. Then soak in water also for several days. If the adhesive layer remains, it works. Do not forget to roughen the ring surface.
  3. Ostsee Taucher

    Drysuit seal glue in Japan

    If you are still looking for drysuit glues, please visit "Mamoru Online Store" ???????? - ?????????????????????. Single component "Notape 9820" and 2 components "Notape 9360" contact cements are available there. They are very usable glues for drysuit repair although their original purpose is...
  4. Ostsee Taucher

    Viking HDS glue alternative

    As I got no reply there, I moved this thread from the DIY forum. Does anybody here know what kind of "general" adhesive can be used for repairing NITECS material of Viking HDS drysuit? I know the original Viking HDS adhesive is the best option, but it isn't available here in Japan. Thanks!
  5. Ostsee Taucher

    Viking HDS adhesive alternative

    Hi. Does anybody here know what kind of "general" adhesive can be used for repairing NITECS material of Viking HDS drysuit? I know the original Viking HDS adhesive is the best option, but it isn't available here in Japan. Thanks!
  6. Ostsee Taucher

    Viking Pro Tech

    I wear Viking Pro Tech BE suit. Quick dry and ease of cleaning may be the only advantages of the suit in comparison with the other suits of the price range. If they are great benefit of you, Pro Tech will be a promising option.
  7. Ostsee Taucher

    Scandinavian diving equipment?

    It depends on the item condition. The Pro 1000 suit is sold for $1500-2000 new. If the suit is the latest one (with rotatable inlet valve) with all original accessories and not at all worn, the price will not be bad. The suit is very easy to maintenance, so that it is the first choice of...
  8. Ostsee Taucher

    SI Tech Dryglove Question

    The instruction says that the rings must be lubricated by nothing but paraffin wax. If you use something like silicone, the rings may get apart as soon as they get wet since they are too much lubricating. If you do not use even paraffin, you cannot insert the inner ring to the right posision...
  9. Ostsee Taucher

    Undergarment for warm water drysuit diving

    Thank you everybody. Now I'm going to dive dry with PP underwear but I want to be sure that thin underwear does not cause squeeze problem. I've been thinking thick undergarment is essential to avoid squeeze issue of shell dry suit.
  10. Ostsee Taucher

    Undergarment for warm water drysuit diving

    Hi everybody, I am planning my first non-tropical summer dive (water temp. 72F/22C) next week. Exposure suits in my wardrobe are, however, only a 3mm wetsuit and a shell drysuit. For me, 3mm wetsuit is not an option in that temperature, so I want to dive in the drysuit as far as that...
  11. Ostsee Taucher

    Help with these drygloves please

    It looks old Viking Cuff Rings. It is somewhat different from their current product but works in the same principle. You can find well illustrated installation guide at Viking Drysuit Details - Dry Gloves
  12. Ostsee Taucher

    Cleaning Viking drysuit

    Yes, you can wash the inside with laundry detergent. Don't forget to rinse it THOROUGHLY. Again, Don't forget to rinse it THOROUGHLY.
  13. Ostsee Taucher

    Heavy-Duty Cone Latex Wrist Seals

    Even rougher side of the seal will be smoother than your skin. Even if the inside is very smooth, it does not improve sealing quality unless your skin is that smooth. That smoothness is for decontamination after polluted water diving rather than improving seal quality. This may be the reason...
  14. Ostsee Taucher

    Disassembling Si-tech intake valve

    Yes, I can pressurize it, but it does not pop back by itself. I have to return it to the position manually. Thanks.
  15. Ostsee Taucher

    Disassembling Si-tech intake valve

    Does anybody know how to disassemble Si-tech slide type drysuit air intake valve? The slide lever of mine went wrong and now does not return automatically. I wish to fix it DIY if possible.
  16. Ostsee Taucher

    Rubber Drysuit

    Don't forget Thor suit from Northern Diver. Full custom made is not possible but at least boot size can be customized. Front entry model is also available.
  17. Ostsee Taucher

    closing back-fitted zipper on drysuit by oneself...???

    You can close the zipper by yourself as mentioned above, but you must accept much higher risk of damaging expensive watertight zipper. I don't recommend.
  18. Ostsee Taucher

    Custom Viking Pro 1000s?

    No. Due to necessity of special mold, they don't do custom made.
  19. Ostsee Taucher

    Looking for Vulcanized Drysuit Similar to Nokia

    Viking Pro 1000 and Hunter PRO-AM are real pro suits but not as flexible as sport suits from Nokia. Concerning flexibility, Viking Pro Tech will be the best choice among vulcanized drysuits.
  20. Ostsee Taucher

    Drysuit zipper: Bare manual calls for silicone grease at docking end (?)

    As far as know, the reasons why that grease sould not be used for drysuits are - Grease catches dust, which may damage watertight seal - Silicone grease prevents adhesion of repair patches when it spreads Therefopre, SMALL amount of grease ONLY on the zipper ends may not be any problem.
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