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  1. John_B

    BP/W - Crotch Strap - Slide Release or just the loop???

    If you’re doing this specifically for DIR reasons, such as taking a Fundies class (?), it’s probably best to read the book, or ask in a DIR forum so you can start with the right gear. Equipment choices are all part of a well thought out system, one that may not be obvious at first glance. Many...
  2. John_B

    Doc Radawski slideshow tribute

    Thanks so much for posting this, Ann!
  3. John_B

    So... Is the Roatan Aggressor

    ... an overhauled Bay Island Aggressor or a new boat? Inquiring minds want to know!
  4. John_B

    Congrats GOScuba...

    ... on celebrating their 10th Anniversary tonight! Special thanks to ScubaGal, her hubby, and the rest for their efforts in keeping this thing kicking and gliding!
  5. John_B

    TSandM -- Lynne Flaherty

    I don't know what to say. I don't come to SB often these days (really ever, anymore). For some reason I thought I might stop in to the forums tonight, on the anniversary of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and saw a reference to this. Just. Wow. Reading through some of the early posts, where...
  6. John_B

    Scubapro MK25 'EVO' vs MK25

    SCUBAPRO - MK25 EVO/S600 Looks like Scubapro has made changes to the MK25 first stage, supposed to have something called XTIS (Extended Thermal Insulating System): "with mechanism fully insulated from the environment, improves cold water/ freezing resistance without compromising piston...
  7. John_B

    Halcyon Infinity good choice BP ?

    I think socks don't go with sandals. :eyebrow:
  8. John_B

    Halcyon Infinity good choice BP ?

    Bling? Following that line of thinking (if one is good, two have to be better!), why not four? :rofl3: This is just more of the same, marketing to novice divers who don't know what they want (and what they don't).
  9. John_B

    Draft code of practice for Belize.

    In my case, my PADI AOW and OW manuals, respectively.
  10. John_B

    Why is a Jacket BC better than a BP/W?

    It's been a few years since I was the only BP/W diver on a trip, whether liveaboard or dive resort. I don't see them being as rare as some of you guys are making them out to be. There were four on my last Aggressor trip, and half a dozen at CCV this Spring.
  11. John_B

    What length "Long Hose" for Single Tank w/ Pony setup?

    Assuming the OOA diver has their wits about them, which can be a pretty big "if". That's what the modified S-drill is designed to sort out, at the beginning of every dive. Hopefully the OP would learn that as part of how to route the long hose.
  12. John_B

    Petrel v. Vyper :)

    I disagree, I don't think it's an invalid test at all. There are a lot of recreational divers who do 4+ Nitrox dives per day for a week on a liveaboard, etc. and those are exactly the people who would be "penalized" by the Suunto model for repetitive dives. If anything, I'd like to see what...
  13. John_B

    Why is a Jacket BC better than a BP/W?

    Sometimes you just need a hug. ;)
  14. John_B

    What length "Long Hose" for Single Tank w/ Pony setup?

    I switched from the 7' long hose to a 5' when I ditched the can light, mostly because it was easier to not have to tuck the extra two feet without a battery canister to hold the excess. Before that for quite a while I used a 40" hose w/ 90° elbow. For recreational dives I could probably go...
  15. John_B

    Waiting on the GoPro4?

    Yeah, it's a shame you can't switch the mode to record in HD or downres the 4K video to HD... ;) I can remember guys saying > 1 MP digital cameras were overkill since the 1024x768 monitors of the day couldn't display the full image...
  16. John_B

    Freaking sharks, is there anything they won't chew?

    Hey, selling web ads is serious business! :no:
  17. John_B

    Hoseless computer alone or with backup

    Her AI computer wouldn't work without being connected to the HP hose? So people can leave their reg set in a dive locker but take their dive computer back to their room (to download dives, keep their expensive dive computer from walking away, etc.)
  18. John_B


    Necrothread alert! :rofl3: The 360° swivels just aren't of a robust design, IMO. I don't think that's changed much over time. If you dive with a 40" hose routed under your right arm, one of the 90° elbows what I'd recommend. If you are diving the long hose and want some strain relief as...
  19. John_B

    interesting equipment failure

    What does DIR have to do with any of this? It wasn't a DIR diver. It wasn't a DIR dive. When was it ever DIR to not have your equipment in good working order?
  20. John_B

    what happened

    Someone stole my login while I was out diving. ;)
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