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  1. Jason B

    ***? Are we down again or what? Can anyone else get on?
  2. Jason B

    Pull dump or non exhaust elbo

    The stress (or failure point) is not the bladder - it is the pull dump itself (that's why we ditch them or more correctly, don't bother buying a wing that has one). String getting caught would be an entanglement issue, not a failure point. As long as the valve is there, it can still fail -...
  3. Jason B

    Dump Valve Doo-hickey

    We saw them in EE like this so I doubt this one just slipped by.
  4. Jason B

    Harness Webbing

    Deep Sea Supply sells some great resin reinforced webbing that is great for harness use.
  5. Jason B

    It appears we are back online finally. Big thanks to Bob B!
  6. Jason B

    Forgot all about the analyzer - I'll look into it this afternoon. I think Bob and his wife are going on a cruise over Christmas so no cave trip for him. If John goes down for New Years, I may head down, otherwise, I'll be at the annual New Years Day dive for sure.
  7. Jason B

    Hey Marci! Aboout your HID at my house - that battery seems toast. I'm going to send it to Bob and see what he can do with it (some fancy charger/conditioner thing he used when he raced RC cars) - see if we can find a bad cell or what - might just need to be cycled a few times. I know...
  8. Jason B

    A technique tip from Fred Devos

    If it's going to speed you up, forget about it. :D
  9. Jason B

    Not sure what's actually going on myself. Hopefully things get resolved soon.
  10. Jason B

    Jameson Karst Edwards

    This is the only one where you can kinda see it. ;) And a few more...
  11. Jason B

    Jameson Karst Edwards

    Our local dive group had our annual get-together yesterday and little Master Jameson graced our presence. He has come such a long way - amazing.
  12. Jason B

    Cavern courses?

    I would be one of those people... ;)
  13. Jason B

    Black or Yellow?

    Hey, that's why we have those $1500 flashlights. ;)
  14. Jason B

    Black or Yellow?

    But black looks best. ;) Of course, YMMV. :D
  15. Jason B

    Salvo Reel

    Brent is one stand-up guy. I've made several purchases from him and have been happy with them all. Keep it up Brent!
  16. Jason B

    First Doubles Setup

    A single 130 pumped holds close to the same amount of gas as a set of double Al80's. There is one thing the doubled Al80's provide that the single 130 doesn't and it has nothing to do with staying longer shallow or going deeper - redundancy.
  17. Jason B

    I need info

    You don't think the WKPP has done anything beneficial to the state of Florida? You disappoint me Kelly....
  18. Jason B

    GUE recreational classes - early details

    I'm curious as to what the additional environments might be.
  19. Jason B

    I need info

    The WKPP is already doing what you propose in the very area you propose it happen.
  20. Jason B

    Adjusting my trim

    You have been given some great info - not much can be added but Lynne hit on a few things that I'll add to - body posture - it has so much to do with trim. Without all the fancy weights perfectly distributed, you should still be able to hold decent trim using body posture. It might not be...
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