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  1. Cacia

    Cannot double space or 'return' / Any ideas?

    I am able to anywhere else, at first I thought my return key was broken. Began three days ago. Merci!
  2. Cacia

    5510.45 With an 8" Dome Port Issue

    I have an older Nikon D-200 I use with a 5510.45 that flooded back a few years ago. I had the housing serviced by Ikelite (around 300 usd) and I have just gotten it out for a trip. I recall that I had an issue with the dome port attachment and what I thought to be an engineering / attachment...
  3. Cacia

    Tattoos, cyber-stalkers, and random chat: tales from a derailed feedback thread

    Did somebody mention conspiracy? ...what does *riding hard* mean? This is why I like The Pub, but nobody is in there, not even my stalker btw, about ten years ago, a mod told me that cross-dressers owned the board, before Pete, is that true? HEY!!!! I did not start this thread...
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