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    Hi everyone. Sorry I have not made a post in a good while. My retail store is still open. We are here from 10AM until 5PM on Tuesday through Saturday. Our online site has been discontinued, and I do not anticipate opening it up again. I am now working alone, so I occasionally have to leave...
  2. PhilEllis


    Well, the presumption that I have closed might be a little premature. This is a rough time for all scuba retailers and it is no different for me. However , I am here and working as hard as I ever have to serve customers. It is correct that I have been having some website problems, but they...
  3. PhilEllis

    Malware on ScubaBoard?

    I Get THIS When I Enter Page Anyone else seeing this. This happened at 11:05 CST today. Phil Ellis
  4. PhilEllis

    Looking for a North Alabama diver..lost shotgun..

    What part of Wilson? Depths can be seriously different as you move around the lake. In any event, I can get you someone to search/recover it for you. from DroidX - TapaTalk
  5. PhilEllis

    How bad is the pitting on this tank?

    RECENT HYDRO TEST PROCEDURE CHANGE FOR WORTHINGTON SP CYLINDERS! The DOT and TC testing specifications have just recently been changed for all Worthington SP14157 (In Canada, the TC-SU 4957) cylinders. These are the 3442 PSI cylinders. With this new change, the cylinders will no longer be...
  6. PhilEllis

    Welcome to the Aqua Lung forum

    Welcome to ScubaBoard. You will find this very interesting. Phil Ellis
  7. PhilEllis

    PADI E-learning - How long to complete?

    I have found that the students who use eLearning for the home study are actually slightly more prepared when the come to class. Remember, in most stores, eLearning is simply another way to deliver the training materials. It does not replace classroom lectures or pool instruction. I think...
  8. PhilEllis

    Home Owners Association - Going Ballistic

    Every time one of the units in our condo association changes hand, the lending bank requests a notarized statement of occupation of each of our units. They request the names and addresses of each property owner and the names and addresses of each property occupant. This seems to be the case...
  9. PhilEllis

    do you ever notice negativity between dive shops?

    The wild dog packs you see roaming the roadsides seem to be working together and seem fairly friendly to one another.....until they find some road kill. Then, they fight one another rather brutally so they individually can get to the limited food available. The scuba industry, in most...
  10. PhilEllis

    New Medical Release Every Year?

    If you are already at your doctors office, I would suggest that you complete a Medical Statement and have the doctor endorse the statement. Having it in your possession might prevent you having to make another doctor visit you you choose to take an additional class. The RSTC medical statement...
  11. PhilEllis

    PADI getting sued over Insurance Program

    If PADI is in fact paying claims (as it appears they are), I don't see a big issue with the master policy approach. It should simply be more clearly explained in the policy certificate documents, and a reserve should be funded as required by state insurance regulations. However, if their...
  12. PhilEllis

    PADI getting sued over Insurance Program

    Oh, and any PADI haters shouldn't gloat.........often times, various members of an industry "learn" from one another. IF what they are doing is illegal, who is to say that the SAME illegal practice is not done of several other training agencies. I expect that there is considerable profit to be...
  13. PhilEllis

    PADI getting sued over Insurance Program

    No one here has the ability to state what PADI can "afford" financially. PADI is a private company, is not required to publish its financial details, and that is fair. However, I can use just a little speculation to determine what COULD happen and how painful that might be to a small private...
  14. PhilEllis

    PADI getting sued over Insurance Program

    There could possibly be an interesting side effect that relates to the timing of this lawsuit. If PADI is unsuccessful in getting an early dismissal of this suit, we may find that they are unable to offer dive store general liability and property insurance in July of next year. If there is...
  15. PhilEllis

    PADI getting sued over Insurance Program

    If anyone knows where Lesser might have published the response he gave here, complete with the attachments he referenced, please provide us with a link, Thanks. Phil Ellis
  16. PhilEllis

    HOG Regulators - Do you still love them?

    While second stage parts might be interchangable, there is NO relationship to the HOG first stage and any Apeks first stage. They are not alike, with the exception of a couple of o-rings. Phil Ellis
  17. PhilEllis

    Dacor products from 10 years ago

    I think this is an indication of Dacor gear much older than ten years. I am almost positive this tank is 6351T6 alloy and I am pretty sure that the regulator is "pre-mares" and is much older than ten years. Phil Ellis Discount Scuba Gear at - Buy Scuba Diving Equipment &...
  18. PhilEllis

    Hello from North Alabama!!!

    Welcome to ScubaBoard and welcome to diving. Look forward to meeting you. Phil Ellis Discount Scuba Gear at - Buy Scuba Diving Equipment & Snorkeling Equipment
  19. PhilEllis

    HOG G1 SPG . . . what is this part, please?

    That little piece is the HP swivel or HP spool. It provides the seal between the hose and the gauge. Very lightly lubricate the o-rings on each end of the spool and insert it in the pressure gauge. The hose can then be installed. Phil Ellis Discount Scuba Gear at - Buy...
  20. PhilEllis

    Best & cheapest place to get scuba licence

    I will answer you directly. Dive Sports in Decatur Alabama. North America. :D Phil Ellis Discount Scuba Gear at - Buy Scuba Diving Equipment & Snorkeling Equipment
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