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  1. HBDiveGirl

    Fantastic Safety Course! 50% Off Next 4 Hours

    This online mini-course in Human Factors in Diving Safety is awesome! Perfect introduction to the behavioral skills crucial to diving safely in the ever-changing underwater environment: Human Factors Skills in Diving Online Mini-Course And for the next 4 hours the price is 50% off!!! Use code...
  2. HBDiveGirl

    Catalina Island best time of the year

    There is always beauty and adaptable life to appreciate! The wacky Sargassum is 2 to 3 feet tall, glowing gold in the autumnal sun, swaying in the surge... And mesmerizing. It is what it is, and there is beauty all around. Giant kelp fish in lovely yellow colors weave between the fronds and...
  3. HBDiveGirl

    current water temp channel islands?

    Which of the Channel Islands will you be diving?
  4. HBDiveGirl

    Catalina Island best time of the year

    Truly, September, October, November are the best "bets" for diving Catalina. You can still hit a bad weekend, but the odds are strongly in your favor. ---------- Post added November 8th, 2014 at 07:56 PM ---------- Starting January, the locals wait until the last possible minute to commit to a...
  5. HBDiveGirl

    Catalina Island best time of the year

  6. HBDiveGirl

    rinsing gear in a drought

    Go cave diving in Florida?
  7. HBDiveGirl

    Dive dry with dr. Bill #596: The butter hamlet's "slippery" sex

    Bravo, Bill! Beautifully written, delightfully delivering biology and the joy of investigative observations underwater! Thank you.
  8. HBDiveGirl

    Found: One Fin at Vet's Park, Redondo Beach. Grey plastic, size X-Small

    Got one to match? Been finning in circles looking for it? Contact me with the manufacturer name and it will come home to you! ~~~~~ Claudette
  9. HBDiveGirl

    Found at Casino Point: One weight-pouch (with weights). 7/19/14

    Were you diving at Casino Point on Saturday July 19th and were you suddenly too buoyant? Did you go all Columbo on your BC (pat.. Pat-pat-pat: "Dayem!"), discovering one side was measurably less bulky than the other? Contact me with an accurate description of what I found on the bottom of...
  10. HBDiveGirl

    Why isn't the Freedom Plate DIR compliant?

    Hi Eric! I'm pining for the beauties I got to see on that wonderful camp and dive trip, that's for sure! In the meantime I'm doing a lot of SoCal diving including an entire squid run at my local mudhole, Veteran's Park, in August and September. Hope you're doing great!! ~~~~ Claudette
  11. HBDiveGirl

    Why isn't the Freedom Plate DIR compliant?

    I've enjoyed over 100 single tank trimix dives. Am I a large market? No. But I sure as hell don't use helium mix to inflate my drysuit. Argon or airgon bottle management was an essential part of my GUE a "single-tank" rig.
  12. HBDiveGirl

    Why isn't the Freedom Plate DIR compliant?

    Eric, I suggest contacting Jarrod Jablonski directly at GUE if you desire the official answer. GUE standardized cylinder management does not allow Bracketing of additional cylinders to one's back-gas cylinder(s). I can envision a couple of ways of rigging an alternative drysuit inflation...
  13. HBDiveGirl

    Why isn't the Freedom Plate DIR compliant?

    Your plates are gorgeous, Eric! I passed Fundies and Recreational Tri-ox in 2006, and those were my last GUE courses. Training did include using a 6cuft argon bottle for drysuit inflation. How would I attach an argon bottle to the Freedom plate? That's the only thing that occurred to me...
  14. HBDiveGirl

    What shops pump nitrox in LA and South Bay?

    This topic was thoroughly covered in this thread: Simple phone calls will tell you if anything's changed since those posts. In my experience, Ocean Adventures does excellent gas blending, both nitrox and trimix. (They do not require O2...
  15. HBDiveGirl

    Where have all the nudis gone?

    Ronnie and I dived the area of Old Marineland around "Ted's Rock" on Wednesday January 2nd, about 10am, on a rising tide. The Nudibranch Light turned on at 50fsw and we tallied 14 species on a 90 minute dive. Most were found between 50 and 68fsw. We saw many large Sea Lemons in the 40-50fsw...
  16. HBDiveGirl

    Greetings Fellow Divers

    Welcome to the electronic fun of SB, 'gypsy. Remarkable way to connect with people who enjoy the same flavor of diving as you do. I've meet people from across town and across the country... and enjoyed diving with them!... when it's unlikely we would have met face-to-face in our usual...
  17. HBDiveGirl

    Best drysuit gloves for women?

    Whatever works for YOU is the perfect glove! The pull-overs are so simple it's just enchanting. I've dived only Diving Concepts dry glove ring system for 6 years and over 1400 dives. I love it. I'm fully independent to put the gloves on before diving and to remove then afterwards. I gear up...
  18. HBDiveGirl

    Vet's Park Takin'-Out-The-Trash Dive #4: Dec 5, 2012, 7PM

    Another 15 pounds of yucky trash picked up!!!! Many thanks to the generous divers providing shore support and underwater clean-up services. We'll meet again next week! ~~~~ Claudette "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." --Albert Einstein
  19. HBDiveGirl

    Need an extra undergarment layer under my drysuit

    hee hee... EXACTLY what Peter said. Exactly. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." --Albert Einstein
  20. HBDiveGirl

    Float like a Butterfly

    Amazing! Thank you, Merry. I had no idea they cast a net for their supper. We saw many of these in the top 10 feet off Anacapa Island two days ago. Next time, I'll be looking for the little nets. Thanks for doing the homework and sharing the info. ~~~~~ Claudette
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