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  1. driftwood

    need Zeagle ZX purge cover - will the Envoy covers fit?

    If you don't get any love on the Envoy/ZX question, find an Apeks dealer and see if one of their covers work. I know that an Apeks rebuild kit works on the older Zeagle regs.
  2. driftwood

    Diver sucked into power plant pump - Kentucky

    Some years ago I did a presentation for LCRA regarding the construction of the Marshall Ford Project (Corps of Engineer designation for the dam). The intakes for the turbines is on the opposite side of the lake from the scuba park. The only time the "jailhouse" inlets are open are when there...
  3. driftwood

    Can underwater ammo explode?

    This was twenty years ago when I was working at a military museum. We had an elderly lady walk into the offices with a bag of WWII 20mm rounds her late husband brought back from the navy after his discharge. Thanked her very much and told her we would take care of it for her. Gingerly picked...
  4. driftwood

    Greetings from Central Texas

    The most significant factor to authorizing dives in Spring Lake is the number of endangered species and the regulations imposed by US Fish and Wildlife. Even when I took the class the majority of it wasn't about diving the lake and techniques that you could use to maintain it. Most of the time...
  5. driftwood

    Greetings from Central Texas

    The Diving for Science program used to be a pretty good deal. When I took the course it was $75, they filled your tanks after the dive and there were no parking fees. All of us knew how to navigate from the Training Area to either Deep Hole or Arch Site. Even today with a bit of luck I can...
  6. driftwood


    There is an old Egyptian belief that a person isn't dead if someone remembers them. Here's to you.
  7. driftwood

    Combining scuba + cenotes + archeology

    Glad you found it useful. Now, if your schedule is tight and you are relatively flush with funds, check out, Aerosaab, Airplane Tours from Playa del Carmen to Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins, Holbox Becky and I did it back in 2001 and it is the way to tour CI. We were back in PDC around 1pm...
  8. driftwood

    Combining scuba + cenotes + archeology

    There are a lot of companies that do day trips out of PDC to all the major ruins. Generally they will run in the $125pp range for a full day. Small vans so your group is around 15 people. Yukatreks and Alltournative come to mind. We have used both of them and were happy. Great way to spend...
  9. driftwood

    New (and yet kinda old) guy from Texas

    Hi Don, your greatest dive friend is DFW. Gets you many places nonstop. I am in Central Texas, so not familiar with your local scene. By the time you drive to the lakes south of you, you can fly to many places in the Carib.
  10. driftwood

    Yucatan trip - looking for diving opportunities

    Down south, we have stayed at the Sunscape Sabor. Rooms and infrastructure are getting a bit long in the tooth but the food was pretty good at the main restaurant. Personally, I would stay in San Miguel and pass on the all inclusive option. A 5pm flight out of CUN shouldn't be an issue. Lot...
  11. driftwood

    $3000 airfare to Coz!

    One way to Austin, yes. DEN to AUS nonstop is a bargin! You should escape from Occupied Colorado to the Free Zone of Texas more often.
  12. driftwood

    $3000 airfare to Coz!

    I escaped from Denver Friday on Southwest as planned. When I checked the pricing for that flight Friday morning, the going rate one way was $522. Call it roughly 400% over my scheduled fare. Seated next to a wonderful lady who was more than happy to have paid $522 to leave Denver. She wasn't...
  13. driftwood

    What are things you wish you could tell your past self?

    I know you just got your degree and are making more money than you ever had in your life. You are not invincible. Stop listening to the song by Timbuk 3, "My futures so bright, I gotta wear shades"/
  14. driftwood

    Student doing research - need quick help

    Looked at all of them. Unsure exactly what "Dive In" entailed so I opted for weather. I do like the idea of expanding the base to include water sports other than just diving.
  15. driftwood

    Yearning for Cozumel weather

    I know mine is and keeping the pipes clear contributes to that. Lot of well water "dripped" over the past week. That being said, I prefer an electric bill to a plumber and to associated damage to burst pipes.
  16. driftwood

    Yearning for Cozumel weather

    We all have to remember that the Texas power grid is designed for peak usage in the summer months. In this case, we have had five (5) separate cold fronts in the past week. This is an unprecedented event that is unlikely to reoccur in our life times. Right now, I have electric service for 5...
  17. driftwood

    Yucatan trip - looking for diving opportunities

    You might want to hire a taxi for a hour or so in both Valladolid and Merida. Tell the driver you want to see the older colonial buildings and learn their history. Also, you might want to do some reading on the War of the Castes. It played a large role in today's Yucatan, Valladolid was one...
  18. driftwood

    Yucatan trip - looking for diving opportunities

    Another not diving answer. You also might want to consider a night in Valladolid. Nice colonial city not overrun with tourists. The big reason for staying there is that it is close to both Chichen Itza and especially Ek Balam. CI is VERY impressive but Ek Balam is the only ruin that I would...
  19. driftwood

    Looking for reliable, well built and sturdy travel bag with wheels...

    While I don't like most of what Harbor Freight sells, at $1.69 it's essentially disposable. Just get a new one before a dive trip. 5 in. Jumbo Aluminum Hook For an airport suitcase, we use the lightest Samsonite hardside case for fins, BCD, boots,..... Next smaller size down for our...
  20. driftwood

    RIP Rodney Gagnon (Maine)

    I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a friend is a tough cross to bear. Please look in on Rodney's wife, Suzanne, and let her know she has your love and support through a very difficult time in her life. I know all to well how much that helps.
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