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    Deep diving as a goal - the stigma.

    The one thing I remember being taught from an instructor/friend that I won't forget is this: I dive to have fun and enjoy the dive that I am about to do, just did, and about to do. Would I dive to 200' to hit sand and then go up? No. Because that is not fun for ME. I would rather do the...
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    is tech worth it? advise needed

    I know too many people who have responed here, mostly by reputation, to not offer up my .02c. As a very new technical diver I have learned one thing that I have not seen written in any course description anywhere. I have not read anywhere, at any time, that this one thing should be a...
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    If you NEED a refrigerator, buy a refrigerator. If you don't NEED a refrigerator; buy her a scooter. It's not your fault she doesn't use it.
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    Expect everything.

    This is to my mate who just passed Tech 1. Eleven months ago we were in Fundies together, which is where we met. I provisionaled and she failed. Yup, failed. Almost walked out on day 2. Eleven months later, she has a Cave cert, is getting involved with GUE project work, and just passed Tech...
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    Tips for good line work

    Most important thing I have learned: if you have to put the reel down, ie you can't hand it off to a team mate, tighten the lock down screw and while keeping tension on the spool wrap the line around the lockdown screw 2-3 times, then put the reel down. If you don't do this line will almost...
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    Drysuits and Options: DUI, White's, Diving Concepts

    Holy schmoley! A blast from the way long ago past. I wound up buying a DUI TLS350 with zip seals all the way aroung. Love the suit. The person that measured me for the suit new what he was doing because it fit's really well. The best thing about the suit is that it is light and dries really...
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    3rd time's a charm (class report/s from 3 Fundies sessions in 3 months) - LONG

    Ressurection from the past. After almost 6 months Kate has earned a Tech Pass. Lessons learned: 1. persevearance does pay off, 2. there is no replacing time in the water, 3. it takes time for an instructor to work with you to achieve the goal - how much time? 4. it's better to be right...
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    Provisional pass in Fundies

    Or try Yorkshire Divers - Scuba Diving Forums, Articles, Reviews and Community. Don't forget one of the resources you have is the instructor you took the course with.
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    Common Fundies Mistakes

    Ari, I appreciate the explanation about Primer being a skills based course and Fundamentals being a team based course. This, I did not know. Whom are you writing about that thought they were going to "waltz" through with a tech pass? At the same time, fundies has been a course that has...
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    Diving in SoCal

    Well here's to my new mate C-reel who tech passed just a few days after I left. Thanks for setting Saturday up and for all the generosity you showed me.
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    Diving in SoCal

    This is what I love about this community. I have received so much help/attention that I couldn't be happier. I'm set to dive Friday and Saturday. Sunday is still open so I'll see what happens. Either way, I'm happy to have some arrangements made. Thanks again, and if anyone is back in the...
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    Diving in SoCal

    I'm on a short notice trip to Orange County and would like to do some diving. Steve Millington really hooked me up with a diver down here, but he can only dive on Saturday. As I am from Massachusettes I do not have any idea what I can do to dive on Friday/Sunday. I brought all my gear with...
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    Common Fundies Mistakes

    I do not post here very often so excuse me if my post does not follow an organized manner. As someone who has taken GUE Fundamentals I feel that I can offer something useful to this discussion, but I do not have answers for some of the statements that I will make. So please, read my post...
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    GUE Fundie Classes & Amazing dive experiences in Jan & Feb 2011 Ft Lauderdale

    Money sent to Bob; check. Flights; check. Time off from work; check. Hotel; check(tomorrow). Right now I feel the same way I feel right before I walk off the back of a boat up here in the northeast. Elvis
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    GUE Fundie Classes & Amazing dive experiences in Jan & Feb 2011 Ft Lauderdale

    Dan has extended the offer of arranging whatever people want which is very gracious. I am flying in on Sunday the 13th, taking the Fundamentals class Mon-Fri, and diving for the next ??? days. The latest I can fly back is Thursday. I would love to do three/four dives each day after class...
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    GUE Fundie Classes & Amazing dive experiences in Jan & Feb 2011 Ft Lauderdale

    Well I registered for the February Fundies couse in West Palm today. Errol and Bob have been extremely helpful with the details. Looking to book flights soon as I will be flying out of Massachusettes. Who all is coming out for the fun dives and how long are you staying to dive? I can stay...
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    Mares ICON hold tanks OK?

    I owned one for about a year and was very happy with it. Unfortunately I did not fit the Large size very well. I'm 6'0 and weigh 190lbs and the entire BC would tend to shift around alot. I think that it is a really good travel BC as it does roll up extremely small making it fit in baggage...
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    Apeks WTX3?

    I ordered the WTX3 and was dissapointed when I found out it was backordered. I ordered an Oxycheq wing, the Mach V 30 lb, from Peter Sotis at The WTX3 wound up coming in about 2 weeks after I received the Oxycheq wing, so I was able to compare the two side by side. I am so glad...
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    Drysuits and Options: DUI, White's, Diving Concepts

    All thoughts on this are very well appreciated. My biggest concern with this purchase is making a desicion that winds up limiting my diving, or replacing the suit. For the amount of money I am getting ready to spend I wanted some reassurances. I think Thal's advice was spot on: everybody out...