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  1. bobmaggi

    Has anyone taken an Apple Watch to depth?

    I dive with my Apple Watch in my dry suit quite often. No issues so far
  2. bobmaggi


    I put down the HUD as optional but I never dive without my NERD.
  3. bobmaggi

    Seaskin Nova drysuit review

    I’m using the 720 Nitrile gloves. I am giving them a try based on recommendations from this board and other divers I dive with here in Michigan. I’m using the XL size which is the same size as the 620 PVC gloves but the 720 versions are actually smaller than the 620 gloves. I wear a heated...
  4. bobmaggi

    Seaskin Nova drysuit review

    I put new gloves on the Kubi rings and left a lot more length in the glove wrist area. No issues with the gloves sliding off this dive. The drawback is getting my fingers into the finger area of the glove, could be an issue if a glove gets over inflated with air as my fingers won’t be in the...
  5. bobmaggi

    Seaskin Nova drysuit review

    I used just enough lube to make the o-ring shiny (I also have underwater camera housings and a rebreather so I have a lot of experience lubricating o-rings). It seems that even that was too much for this system. I removed as much of the lube from the o-rings (no longer shiny) for the last dive...
  6. bobmaggi

    Seaskin Nova drysuit review

    Now that I have a few dives in using the suit I can say that it was a good decision to get this suit so far. The only thing changes would be to not have gotten the warm neck collar now that I am using a neoprene neck seal. The warm neck collar just seems to get in the way now. The Kubi gloves...
  7. bobmaggi

    Maui Dive Ops

    We dive Maui every couple of years and have used B&B Scuba out of Kihei. Small family owned business that is usually first to arrive at dive sites but they do leave early and will leave if you are late! They are great people and my wife and I have enjoyed the times we have spent with them over...
  8. bobmaggi

    Please school me on recreational DPV's

    Wow, if you don’t like it just say so. It is considerably cheaper even with batteries than $3K. It is a new design so initial units were having some issues with the electronics (mine included) but the company is fixing the issues under warrenty. For the price point it is a great little scooter...
  9. bobmaggi

    Seaskin Nova drysuit review

    I typically put in over 100-150 hours a year on my rebreather, not sure how many dives that turns out as. I’m mostly diving Great Lakes shipwrecks in the range of 150-220 typically so lots of deco diving in 40-42F water and I have my own boat that I trailer to Lake Michigan, Huron and Superior...
  10. bobmaggi

    Seaskin Nova drysuit review

    Finally got my first dive in my Nova. It was a ice dive in Michigan, pretty warm day, 52F topside with the sun out and 36F in the water. Getting into the suit was fairly easy, pre-dusting the suit with the included talc powder made slipping the suit on a breeze. I didn’t get the telescoping...
  11. bobmaggi

    Dry suit interior seams grippy

    Solve your problem by dusting the interior of the suit with non-scented talcum powder. That makes it much easier to slide into and out of the suit. You only have to do this when the suit starts getting ‘grabby’.
  12. bobmaggi

    Drysuit suggestions for moderate to warm-water diving

    I recently got a neoprene neck seal to try out on my tri-lam suit. I was surprised at how comfortable it was, very soft and no uncomfortable squeeze on the neck. IMO it was more comfortable to wear than even my silicon seals which I have trimmed for a good comfortable fit. The need to fold the...
  13. bobmaggi

    Is it time to go electric?

    I dive a rebreather and noticed that I was calling dives earlier as my sensitivity to cold has increased as I’ve gotten older. So I put together a heating system with an external battery pack. That made a world of difference in my diving, now the dive limit is based on how much deco I want to do...
  14. bobmaggi

    Santi Heated BZ400 + FE Artic one piece base?

    Thanks for the link, I’ve needed to replace my old heated socks and have been looking for something that uses carbon fiber vs wire. I put my order in, 3 days shipping. Now I just need the ice to melt so I can get back in the water.
  15. bobmaggi

    Santi Heated BZ400 + FE Artic one piece base?

    My heated socks haven’t been working so well lately so I am on the search for replacements. The sock liners I had originally don’t seem to be available anymore and most of the socks I’ve seen so far have integrated batteries. I would really like a sock that use carbon fiber heating tape instead...
  16. bobmaggi

    Santi Heated BZ400 + FE Artic one piece base?

    I use an external battery for all the heated garments. I don’t trust internal batteries and want a means to easily remove power if needed. I have had a couple of dives when something didn’t feel quite right so I was able to turn the battery off at the switch. Each time it just turned out to be...
  17. bobmaggi

    Santi Heated BZ400 + FE Artic one piece base?

    The heated glove liners and sock liners were purchased from a motorcycle warehouse store. I need to get new socks, the last few times I used them I don’t think they work anymore. Feet were getting a bit chillier than I like. I’m looking for something that uses carbon fiber tape vs wire, I would...
  18. bobmaggi

    Santi Heated BZ400 + FE Artic one piece base?

    I’ve been diving with a heated vest, gloves (and socks in the winter) for several years now. I use a base layer of UnderArmor cold gear, followed by the heated vest. The heated gloves go directly on my hands and the heated socks are also worn directly against my skin. Over the heated vest goes...
  19. bobmaggi

    Dry Glove Material

    I just changed over to the 720’s, size wise they are smaller than the 620’s but seem more flexible. I need to use them a few more times in cold water to see if I like them better than the 620’s.
  20. bobmaggi

    Seaskin Nova drysuit review

    I missed seeing that video on their website. I already used the talc the hard way!
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