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  1. TheWetRookie

    Howe Sound Bioherms

    The bioherms are listed in this book that Glen made as well as many other sites.
  2. TheWetRookie

    Octopus Lovers

    Was diving on the weekend at Ogden Break Water and found the largest octopus that I have ever seen. When the octopus fans out to catch its' prey, the webbing between the arms easily reaches 6 feet across. I am guessing this would be about a 10-12 foot or more octopus. Sweet...
  3. TheWetRookie

    Kelvin Grove Vis? / Re-Introduction

    Hi Tersch (Hunter) it is good to see that you are back into diving. I dove Kelvin on Thursday and the vis was good, easy 30' plus. We had gone left from the stairs. And yes we are still kicking around and diving. We all will have to hook up for a dive.
  4. TheWetRookie

    Found compass Dec 20 - Vancouver area

    ---------- Post added January 16th, 2014 at 10:28 PM ---------- HI Sorry for the slow response but that is not the compass that I found. However I still have not found the owner so if you wish to buy this one off me you can. pm me if you are interested
  5. TheWetRookie

    Found compass Dec 20 - Vancouver area

    Hi All, I found a compass Dec 20/13 at a local dive site for Vancouver. It was lost very recently based on where I found it. If you have lost one, PM with details as to what site and when I will get it back to you. Thanks
  6. TheWetRookie

    buddy for dive at whytecliff wed 21august evening

    You can't let our low vis stop you or you might never dive ;)
  7. TheWetRookie

    Lost 8 lbs soft weight belt at Whytecliff June 12/13 near channel marker

    HI All, an 8 lbs soft weight belt was lost at Whytecliff somewhere near the Eagle by the channel marker guessing at about 50'. If found, drop me an email please, thanks
  8. TheWetRookie

    Found integrated weight pocket at Whytecliff June 12/13

    HI All, buddy and I found a integrated weight pocket at Whytecliff tonight. It has not been there long. If you lost one or know of someone that did let me know.
  9. TheWetRookie

    Checking your buddy's gas

    Ditto on what Howard said. With my regular dive buddies I don't check unless I am suggesting a change in the dive plan mid dive and need to know if we have the gas to do it. With all new buddies or new divers I do check throughout the dive(s) until comfortable diving with them.
  10. TheWetRookie

    Vancouver/Vancouver Island recommendations for late November

    Darnold9999, I have dove Active Pass and it is awesome, tons of life in the channel. I have only dove it on a slack tide but it can be done as a drift also (live boat). Oh and bring ear plugs for when the ferries go by plus every bone in your body will shake. We were diving along the edge of the...
  11. TheWetRookie

    Found fin at Whytecliff July 9/12

    Howdy all, I found a fin in the shallows of Whytecliff tonight, if you have lost one let me know and please describe it. I don't think this has been in the water long. ---------- Post Merged at 12:54 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 12:17 AM ---------- Update: the owner has been identified
  12. TheWetRookie

    Video of 5 orcas attacking a seal!

    Awesome, thanks Rob
  13. TheWetRookie

    Let's go diving!

    PM Sent, for Wed & Thu
  14. TheWetRookie

    Britannia Beach wrecks getting smaller

    We have pirates in our waters.
  15. TheWetRookie

    Ocean Quest Dive Centre

    Two thumbs up for Ocean Quest, a good store to do business with. You can joke with the staff and owners as they all like to have fun, they are divers themselves. Competitive pricing and if you find it cheaper somewhere else, they are willing to haggle price.
  16. TheWetRookie

    Which local shop for OW cert

    I have been with Ocean Quest for a few years now and while they have expanded and the staff has changed, I have always found them a good group of people to do business with. People do have off days from time to time and this may have been one of them but I can guarantee you that it is not the...
  17. TheWetRookie

    Need info about where, when and with whom to dive near Vancouver...

    Water temp are in the mid 40sF right now. Let us know when you want to dive.
  18. TheWetRookie

    Need info about where, when and with whom to dive near Vancouver...

    Hi Scuba, welcome to the board and yes we have good diving out here. Do you know the dates yet that you will be coming out to Vancouver? I am sure that someone on here should be able to play dive guide for you and show you around. We dive all year round here and it varies what you see from...
  19. TheWetRookie

    DIN Plugs in O2 Cylinders. Good Idea? Bad Idea?

    The DIN plugs I have are plastic, thoughts on this type of plug please. I use them when my tanks are stored for a while to keep the dirt out.
  20. TheWetRookie

    How strong is a 1 knot current for diving in?

    Thanks all, this has been very helpful for me and I am sure others.
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