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    German tanks in US….DOT cert

    Is it a common thread for fire extinguishers or other applications? I have never needed one but I mainly test scuba tanks and occasionally paintball.
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    German tanks in US….DOT cert

    The European tanks i have seen have had metric threads. I have not seen many though.
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    German tanks in US….DOT cert

    Possibly, if they carry adapters for metric neck threads, which is highly unlikely.
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    German tanks in US….DOT cert

    No US hydro facility will test non-DOT tanks but if you have your own compressor, you can fill them.
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    Used Legend, new Core, or new DGX regulator?

    Only thing to watch for on Legends (especially the LX below, but also on the other earlier generations) is that the purge covers may disintegrate over time. I suspect it happens due to UV degradation being left in the sun too long. If the plastic purge cover looks dull or "dusty" it's suspect...
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    Nautilus Life Line from a divers and Captains view

    Nope, I wish ;) I was referring to teaching in the USA.
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    German tanks in US….DOT cert

    There are now ISO tanks on the market that are internationally recognized. Adoption has been slow but if moving tanks back and forth between US and Europe is necessary, these are the ones to get.
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    Nautilus Life Line from a divers and Captains view

    I used to have a Nautilus radio but it flooded. I now carry a LIfeline. When teaching in California, it's the best dive-friendly device I am aware of for summoning emergency assistance short of a cell phone in a canister. All commercial boats and police/fire/lifeguard boats in the US have AIS so...
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    How to remove DUI valve for cleaning

    In my experience, even with the tool, the valves tend to break before the glue does. If you try to remove it, i would first get a new valve to replace it just in case. When you reinstall, either use the gasket above or a light smear of RTV etc., but not the ridiculous amount of silicone that...
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    Help identify pony bands?

    The one on the left is Trident's product. It needs a bracket that goes on the primary tank band. Trident Pony Bottle Holder Kit 30 40Cu Ft No idea on the other.
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    Diving in Hawaii

    It's been a few years since I dove Kona so this info could be terribly out of date but i had great night dives with mantas in front of the Sheraton, feeding on plankton attracted by the hotel's flood lights. It's an easy surface swim out from the boat ramp in the adjacent cove. Also, curious...
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    Choosing a steel tank to purchase

    As with many things, what you do in the privacy of your home -- accepting all associated risks etc. -- is often completely different from that which is done in a commercial environment governed by a set of defined standards and regulations and the associated liability. I am sure you understand...
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    Seeking pressure chamber recommendations Page 5
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    List of US mainland ocean shore dives?

    It's not my home turf but one of my favorite shore dives anywhere is Edmonds Underwater Park. Always a blast diving with massive lings and cabezon, GPOs etc. I try to make a point of visiting when I am in the PNW. Edmonds Underwater Park Underwater terrain and typographgy: Sandy sloping...
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    Shark Pony Bracket - any thoughts?

    I not going to beat a dead horse on the slung/bracketed pony debate -- to each their own -- but looking at pics in this thread, i would recommend anyone putting stainless hose clamps on aluminum tanks in salt water should strongly consider putting a barrier between them (inner tube, webbing...
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    Cash for Galapagos Trip

    I am leaving for Galapagos in a couple of weeks for a liveaboard trip. I understand it is not easy to get cash on the islands and i should probably bring cash for incidentals like tips, nitrox tab, bar tab etc. If so, what's a good discrete way to carry it. Traveling with a wad of cash makes me...
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    B2 breathes "funny"

    Spoiler Alert -- Here's how your B2 will end up:
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    How do you properly bleed air out of nitrox tanks

    In that case you're getting very wet fills.
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    How do you properly bleed air out of nitrox tanks

    If you rapidly drain a tank all the way empty, yes you can get condensation inside from vapor in ambient air. I let the tank warm up to room temp before draining all the way or immediately put it on a hot air dryer (quicker).
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