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    In search of Mobile covid testing service "Cozumel"

    We used Dr. Juan Arellano from Costa Med. they sent out a lab tech to our condo. Was $40 p/p. We only had 4 of us though, not 13! 😄
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    One way ticket?

    If you add it in advance on their website it's WAY cheaper than paying for it at the ticket counter. :rofl3:
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    More silly airline games

    As Dandy Don mentioned, there's a difference in terms of going to and from Cozumel. US customs requires when you FIRST arrive in the US, you must present yourself and anything you're carrying for inspection. That's why you have to gather your bag and go through the process of walking past the...
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    What's the latest on Fonatur parking?

    Afternoon should be good as all the morning divers will clear out with their cars. We leave on a 7:30 boat and typically find parking on the main road or circle. One time we parked our ISIS rental on the south side of the road where you back in along all the trees and swamp area there. Came...
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    The cruise ships are back !

    k4kafka, I'm intrigued.....always thought it would be interesting to dive down there!
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    %16 scuba tax in Cozumel?

    Not sure if it's totally applicable or not, but a lot of travel websites like airlines quote the currency either based on your IP address or which version of the website you use. For instance, if I go onto Delta's website I can choose to use the US version or change it to Canada and then the...
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    My New Wetsuit

    OMG I so want one! It would be a bit awkward if we were on the same dive boat though. Maybe I'll get Green Lantern and then get a custom dive light.
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    July Roll Call

    July 4-12 staying at a northside private condo and diving with ScubaTony
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    Buy pesos at airport ATMs?

    Dr. Mack-to answer your question I have used the ATM's a number of times at the airport and have found it very convenient. I didn't on my April trip down as I had a ton of pesos from our last trip down. If you walk out of the arrivals area and instead of turning right to go to the shuttles you...
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    Down last month and our dive master said the same thing. If you start on a different reef and happen to drift onto a closed one it is okay. Don't know if I'd want to make a habit of that as a dive shop. LOL
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    Where to stay and who to dive/get certified with?

    I second grassgreen for my ScubaTony experience. I got certified with them 4-5 years ago with Israel and he was awesome. Low key but very safety conscious and took his time as I needed it. Did the book work at home which made it easier. Think they are doing SSI now instead of PADI, mostly...
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    Mexico - Air Travel Exit Process

    Thought I had posted this earlier, but we paid $40 or $800 pesos to House Calls Cozumel (recommended on Cozumel 4 U) to come out to our condo for our tests. Lab tech arrived on time, used full PPE, and got our results emailed to us within 3 hours. Uploaded to United and approved to travel 2...
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    Day 2 Diving Pics *Columbia Deep & Columbia Shallows

    One of my favorites too. Unfortunately didn't make it there this past trip.
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    Finding a (Best) Dive Op in Cozumel

    This is awesome! Thank you so much for doing this. ScubaTony does do Afternoon dives. Not necessarily a computer genius but you could probably put this into a Google Sheet and share it on the thread and then anytime you make a change it will automatically update for people to see. That way...
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    ATM vagaries

    I have USAA and I have gotten my fees refunded including the Mexican bank fees, otherwise I'd look at the Schwab option too. Our trip down earlier in the month I took out 8000 pesos from one of the machines and Mega and it gave it to me in 500 notes. Ugh... Ended up working out okay but hated...
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    Mexico - Air Travel Exit Process

    We flew on United and were able to load the pdf of the results directly into their app/website and that was looked at during check in. No need to show a paper copy. Within a couple of minutes of uploading it we got an email we were approved to fly.....whatever that means. Not sure someone is...
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    New (Additional) Tourist Tax

    Flew home from CZM last Saturday and no sign of a kiosk to pay the tax and nothing asked at check in or through security. Just had to verify covid test results at check in and fill out the health questionnaire and give to someone in the security line.
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    Thank you for 19 years!!!!

    Christi, Wishing you the best on your new adventures! As someone who has worked with teens for over 20 years (in a different setting), I agree the work we do is so important! Thank you for choosing to go this route. Just back a week ago from a week diving with ScubaTony. Love diving with...
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    Closed reefs?

    With cameras to shame the intruders I'd hope!
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    Closed reefs?

    Ditto here. All three closed when we were diving last week. Interestingly, our DM said that if you start at a different site and happen to drift over a closed reef that is okay. Not sure if that's true or not, but would make some sense since you can't really control where the current takes...
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