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  1. Firediver32

    For Sale Mares Abyss 22 reg and octo, Aeris Atmos 2 console

    Mares Abyss with matching octo, inflator hose and console with Aeris Atmos 2 computer console. The computer has a dead battery, I do not have the little tool to change the battery so... The reg has not been used in years so probably should be serviced. $250 plus shipping Dan.
  2. Firediver32

    Apeks DS4 Nitrox TX 40

    Apeks TX40 Nitrox with a dS4 1st stage, with a dive rite SPG on a 6 inch hose. Only used a few times. $ 350 including free shipping up to $20 Contact me by email please
  3. Firediver32

    Dive rite classic 360 wing

    Sold pending funds......
  4. Firediver32

    Dive rite classic 360 wing

    Dive rite classic 360 wing Like new used 3 times in fresh water, no rips or tears. Like new condition. 150.00 contact buyer to pay shipping
  5. Firediver32

    Donut style doubles wing - evolve 60

    I have a dive rite classic 360 like new. 200.00. if interested. Dan
  6. Firediver32

    Subway Water Sports/Turquouise bay trip report

    I just returned from a week at Turquouise bay/Subway water sports. I was with a group of about 40 divers. Everyone had a great time. I found Subway to be well prepared and equipped to handle our group. Thier staff was friendly and very knowledgeable to the local waters. As such a large group we...
  7. Firediver32

    st pete

    Hey guys! I haven't been on the Pete for a couple of years, and ready to get back out. Ready to get out and do some tune up dives. I have the boat home now, but its ready to launch for the season! Dan
  8. Firediver32

    Anyone still around?

    The boat is ready to go, the dive gear is packed...... Dan
  9. Firediver32

    September Cozumel

    I will be there Sept 18-25, along with Firediver443, and several others, staying at casa del Mar (I think)
  10. Firediver32

    Thanks Olympus Dive Center!

    The fuel issue with customers on board is a violation of coast guard regulations I believe.....
  11. Firediver32


    Great Job!!! Congrats!
  12. Firediver32

    Hooking a car

    I am not a PSD, just a full time firefighter, in an area where all PSD are Police. Last week, I was asked (as a recreational diver) by a marina to search thier inlet for an obstruction, supposed to be a tree. Instead I found a car and an elderly woman who has been missing for 4 months. I tied...
  13. Firediver32

    Things you've found under water

    A car... with a woman who had been missing for 4 months. I was passing by a marina and they saw my dive gear on the boat, called me on the marine radio and asked to dive a channel into a yacht club to locate an obstruction a boat hit. They told me they thought it was a tree or a log. The dive...
  14. Firediver32

    turtle fins w/ spring straps DUI warm neck hood

    Turtles sold, hood still available.
  15. Firediver32

    First "club dive" of 2009

    Check your email, the announcement for the first "club dive" of 2009 is out. If you did not get it, please let me know. Dan
  16. Firediver32

    turtle fins w/ spring straps DUI warm neck hood

    Price Drop... Turtle now $75.00 +shipping
  17. Firediver32

    turtle fins w/ spring straps DUI warm neck hood

    Turtle fins with XL spring straps excellent condition $100 New in package DUI warm neck hood XL $30 Buyer to pay shipping
  18. Firediver32

    40 Inch or longer hose for Abyss

    I have a mares abyss (2005style) I want to use as a deco reg. I need a longer hose for the second stage, but it seems to have a special connection. Does anyone know where to find such and animal? Or a plug for that port? Dan
  19. Firediver32

    Diving this Sat 5/6

    I know were getting together that evening, but I'm off and want to go diving. If any one is interested, email me or give me a call. by the way the lake surface temp is a balmy 46! Dan
  20. Firediver32

    Boat Is Home and almost ready to go!

    I launched the boat yesterday, and took it for a spin, it's all ready to go! I took a cruise through Irond. bay, I believe it very low viz, if any. But I'm willing to give it a shot.
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