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    Dive certification shop near Denton/Dallas that does check out dive in clear creek?

    Need a recommendation on a good place to get a friend their Open Water. Would def prefer to do their check-out dive in as clear water as possible. Any suggestions? I'm from Austin, so don't really know the Dallas area too well.
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    Any bad months for Manta Ray dive?

    Hi, we are planning a trip to Kona this summer. We are hoping to do June, but the Manta Ray dive shop has a calendar of how many mantas they see each dive. Last June, the numbers seemed pretty low and we really want to see a bunch. Anyone have some advice? Thank you!
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    1st time to Florida Keys - stay in Largo or hit whole area?

    We plan on doing a trip in early June. Thinking of diving 3 days. Everyone in the group prefers reef dives over wreck drives. From what I've read then, Key Largo has the better of the reef dives vs Key West. Would you recommend that we stay and dive out of Key Largo all 3 days or should we make...
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    Tarp Size...

    I'll be doing a week of shore diving for the 1st time ever. Up until now, I have only ever done boat dives. There will be a group of 4 of us in Bonaire. I've ready that a tarp makes putting gear on and off nicer so sand doesn't get on everything. Any recommendation for tarp size for 4 people...
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    Non-Diving recommendations?

    Would you suggest Rose Inn or Posada would be best if we only did Rincon once for lunch?
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    Ostracods - best place to see?

    Ok, just to make sure I have read everyone correctly - I should be in the water at least 10 minutes before nautical twilight? So for March 22nd, nautical twilight is 7:29PM. So, maybe gear up by 7 and then get to our spot by 7:20? I think I might do Weber's Joy or Oil Slick. About how deep...
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    Non-Diving recommendations?

    Great suggestions! I like the Rincon idea to hit up the Rose Inn and then Cactus Distillery. Of all the "beach bar" options you listed, which place would you say has the best food? We do consider ourselves foodies and are looking forward to a nice meal at the Brass Boer on our last night.
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    Non-Diving recommendations?

    We will have 2 non-diving days. Can someone recommend a scenic beach bar/restaurant with good food? I've decided not to drive through the national park, but any other activities/must do events once we are beached out? We will be in Bonaire March 17-24th. Thank you!
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    Buddy Dive vs Den Laman

    Do you have to stay at Buddy Dive to be able to store your gear there overnight? What if we are only renting our gear from Buddy Dive.
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    Ostracods - best place to see?

    Thank you! We're actually flying out Sunday, so Friday night is our last dive day. So dive in front of Buddy Dive Friday night?
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    Ostracods - best place to see?

    So, I wil be in Bonaire March 17-23rd and I'm told that's during the full moon. 3 questiions: 1.Which site would be the best to go to see them? 2. About 45 mins after sundown, correct? 3. Should we dive that night or just snorkel is better? Thanks!
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    Trip Report from first time to Bonaire solo traveller

    Wow - awesome tips! Especially the food, thank you! Can anyone else comment on if its worth doing the national park? How long would it take? There are no shore dive spots up there, correct?
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    New Dive Guide for Bonaire Just Published

    I think I might get the paperback - since you won't be able to take the Kindle version with you since its not safe to leave electronics in your truck?
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    If you were going to do 1 boat dive, Klein sites or East Side?

    Thanks for all the shore dive site suggestions - I made a great list based on what everyone here said. We think we will do 1 day of boat diving. I know some folks here suggested using East Side Divers and checking out Turtle City/White Hole and those sounded awesome to me. My wife read about...
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    Cheapest car rental?

    Ahh, PB Rental is right at the airport. That should work unless anyone does not recommend them?
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    Cheapest car rental?

    Question - our flight home from Bonaire is an early 5am flight. Would that mean booking from Avis might be a better idea since we can drop it off right at the airport? Or should I stick to trying to rent a truck from AB Carrental? I just don't know how easy it would be to get to the airport that...
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    AB Carrental not responding to email?

    Also - if I am able to book - we have an early morning flight out at 5AM. Anyone know if we're able to drop the truck off that early and if its easy to then grab a taxi to the airport that early?
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    AB Carrental not responding to email?

    Hi. We just reserving our truck through their website, but were having trouble checking out (using a VISA). We emailed them awhile back to try to do it the old fashioned way, but they haven't gotten back. Anyone got any experience with them have a suggestion?
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    Bonaire Final Trip Planning - double check and advice on dive sites?

    Just ordered - what a steal - thanks for the heads up!
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    Bonaire Final Trip Planning - double check and advice on dive sites?

    Wow, so much good information everyone! I do think White Hole and Turtle City are dives I want to do. Sea Turtles are my favorite marine life to see and I have never seen more than 2 on a single dive. East Coast Divers and request those sites?