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    ScubaBoard Invasion Central 2022 Cozumel

    We really miss the Invasions and Surges. Maybe some day all the COVID mess will abate and we can join y’all again.
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    RIP Dr. Bill

    RIP, Dr. Bill
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    Trip Report My First Year of Local Diving in South Florida

    @Ironborn you should contact @Scuba_Jenny for information about local shore diving.
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    Full Suit Skin vs Shorty

    Henderson Hotskin + 2.5 mm vest is comfortable, flexible, versatile, easy to pack for travel, gives you full-body environmental protection.
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    In Process: Post-upgrade - Things to do & wishlist

    They aren’t that desperate
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    Red Badge of Support

    @The Chairman Yo, Pete. Wha’d I do? Renewal seems to booted me.
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    Red Badge of Support

    Why did my ScubaBoard Supporter badge go away?
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    In Process: Post-upgrade - Things to do & wishlist

    Where did my badge go?
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    New to ScubaBoard!

    Welcome to SB and Florida
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    In Process: Post-upgrade - Things to do & wishlist

    Enable Supporting Member to click on red tag to see renewal date.
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    Places with minimal current

    Check with the local dive ops. Caribbean sites can be dramatically different depending on the time of year and the resultant prevailing winds.
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    Opt-in only forums

    If MOF/NMOF and PUB are ‘opt in’ forums, shouldn’t all non-scuba forums, including LGBQ, be opt in only?
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    TSandM's Panic in the experienced diver?

    Miss her input and insight.
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    Y’all done good

    Migration was pretty painless for us users. Good job. .
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    Solved: Site Support: MOF/NMOF?

    Performance seems to be better.
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    Solved: Site Support: MOF/NMOF?

    Did the box checks. I guess my profile will get refreshed later, but can’t see pub or si. It’ll work out. Patience is a virtue. BTW, I’m on my iPhone.
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    Solved: Site Support: MOF/NMOF?

    it’s a secret cult, posing as scuba divers.
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    Solved: Site Support: MOF/NMOF?

    Was Surface Interval removed?
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