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    TSandM -- Lynne Flaherty

    OMG. She was such a knowledgeable and supportive source of information for new divers. She touched so many lives in such a positive way. Peter, my heart goes out to you.
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    I read through this whole thread with interest, though it got a little monotonous at times. I would like to add a few small comments, as a female who is Trimix certified, but dives mostly recreational ( in double 12's): 1) I'm almost 60 and not an athlete. If anyone volunteers to carry my...
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    Finding a decent wetsuit under $200

    TommyD Sports has a wide range of sizes and inexpensive prices.
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    Weighting options with BP/W setup

    Halcyon makes little pockets that slide onto the cam bands. When I dive with a single tank, I use them. Trim Weight Pockets, Pair | Extreme Exposure
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    TEK NIGHT AT Beneath The Sea

    I plan to be there. I figure that the fairer sex should be adequately represented at this awe inspiring occasion .:D Unless my carefully arranged business trip to the states the following week falls through. Linda
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    Hi from Israel

    Welcome to Scubaboard Johnny! You sure have accomplished alot in a year! Are you able to dive full time? Where in Israel do you usually dive?
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    Making bungees??

    There is a significant difference in stiffness of stretchiness between different bungies. I find that the bungee sold in marine stores is stiffer. I ordered some nice quality bungee cord from Defender Industries Discount Marine and Boat Supplies - Inflatable Sales - Defender in CT.
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    What things in diving give you the willies?

    Boat propellers. Engines are not supposed to be running with divers in the water, but what if an anchor dragged and they had to deal with it?
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    GUE REC2 Course review, Anchorage Alaska (2/14/14 - 2/23/14)

    Thanks for the detailed writeup! Sounds like a good course. I wonder why more instructors don't offer Rec 2.
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    How Deep on Air

    No answer for those who do not routinely dive on air. Some of us routinely dive on nitrox.
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    Women, BP and weight belts

    My Halcyon STA has 2 tank bands. I put the weight pockets on the lower band. I do really like having 2 bands anyhow, and would recommend it. Both using a STA with 2 bands, and the little pockets designed for the bands. When diving singles, I also have used weight pockets on the harness waist...
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    poor quality...AWFUL service....SANTI...

    You didn't contact the dealer and ask for a warranty repair,, rather you fixed it yourself. So exactly what action do you expect them to take? Its already fixed! I agree that it is disappointing that you had the problems in the first place, but why didn't you return it to be repaired?
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    What is the point of certifications?

    I have 2 comments: 1) In some places, you won't be allowed on a dive boat unless you can show certification that you are qualified for that dive. Sometimes its law, sometimes it liability. 2) Also a lot of what courses at different levels teach you is how to handle things that go wrong. It...
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    Does anyone wear a watch?

    Casio G-Shock with a wet suit, but the band won't fit around my wrist when wearing a dry suit. Theoretically its a backup bottom timer. Its my all-the-timer every day watch, and I like to wear it all the time for a quick glance at the time.
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    Nudibranch Lovers

    How do you find these things? Seriously, how do you even know where to look?
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    Post Your Pretty Funny Stuff Here

    In Florida springs, it rains open water divers quite often. I have see people landed on.
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    Coral eating Coral

    BBC News - Underwater time-lapse shows secret life of a coral reef I loved this time-lapse video of a coral reef. I originally posted it in the Nudibranch thread, but I think it actually deserves its own.
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    Nudibranch Lovers

    BBC News - Underwater timelapse shows secret life of a coral reef This doesn't feature the nudibranch, its sort of a supporting actor. But I love coral too, and I have never seen anything like it. I wasn't quite sure where to post it, but thought that the readers of this thread would...
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    Do you bring your light with you every dive?

    Always have one, sometimes 2 backup lights. They sort of live on my harness after the gear is washed and dried, until washing time again. The only times I don't have the primary (can) light is when I am diving singles and will have to change tanks on a small rocking boat. I am almost...
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    “Marine Grade” Bungee?

    I don't know what characteristics allow some bungee to be labeled "marine". There are however differences between bungees. Of the same diameter, some bungee required more pull pressure to be pulled a given length. Some bungee is just wimpy. I have found that marine stores tend to have...