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  1. gekodivebali

    Cancellation of booked trips

    I'm reading this (and other threads) with much interest. I'm not one to judge what others do, but I thought I'd chime in and let the community know what we've decided to do here at Geko. This may help other operators make decisions for themselves. No matter what choices anyone currently makes...
  2. gekodivebali

    Trip Report: Ocean View Tulamben with the family.

    Hey @UFOrb, Why not try Padangbai? Some seem to like it...
  3. gekodivebali

    20-Sep-2019 Was A Cool Diving in Nusa Penida

    Hey, Sorry you did not get a reply... but we did not get an email. I just checked all deleted, spam, junk folders and there is nothing. Can you please resend at info at or even send a private message here?
  4. gekodivebali

    20-Sep-2019 Was A Cool Diving in Nusa Penida

    Yep, mola molas yesterday at Gili Tepekong... Going back today. Hope our divers get lucky again!
  5. gekodivebali

    20-Sep-2019 Was A Cool Diving in Nusa Penida

    Yup, here the biggest rainfall was on Saturday night. Manggis, 7 Km up the road, had no rain that night. They got showered on Sunday evening when it was dry here. Have a look at the weather forecast for next week...
  6. gekodivebali

    20-Sep-2019 Was A Cool Diving in Nusa Penida

    Mantas are back. We had a week with no rays, when the boats could even get there as swell became outrageous. Since the last new moon and against everyone's intimate feelings (including the Indonesian weather agency), it looks like we have entered rain season. We had some heavy rainfall last week...
  7. gekodivebali

    5 days available - Tulamben vs Padang Bai vs..?

    Yup, and why ignore my recommendation to dive Tepekong & Mimpang or Biaha?
  8. gekodivebali

    5 days available - Tulamben vs Padang Bai vs..?

    To me, there is indeed a site called Drop-off in Amed. It's right at the end of Jemeluk bay, the same bay as the Pyramids site. Nowadays, each dive site seems to be referred to by different names depending on who you talk to. I like the Pyramids site. I've never been impressed by the Amed...
  9. gekodivebali

    Dive operator rec for Amed, Bali

    Totally agree with Mike: there are some great macro sites in Amed. Macro gets quite seasonal and different sites seem great at different times of the year! The non-macro sites bore me a little there though...
  10. gekodivebali

    Great White spotted at Crystal Bay

    That shot looks like the one I first saw on Facebook. The rest of the Hotspot Indonesia package looks like stock imagery to me...
  11. gekodivebali

    Great White spotted at Crystal Bay

    Yeah, social media is one thing: uncontrolled mass panic reactions, but actual media outlets doing this does annoy me. Here is a much better report from a diver's perspective: Thai divers spot great white shark in waters off Bali
  12. gekodivebali

    Great White spotted at Crystal Bay

    Oh, the scaremongering has already started: Terrifying moment enormous five-metre great white shark stalks scuba divers in Bali | Daily Mail Online
  13. gekodivebali

    Great White spotted at Crystal Bay

    This was not the first sighting reported. Guys like Wally report having sighted them a few times over their decades long dive career from Bali. Such encounters are obviously not as frequent as say thresher sharks or whale sharks on Bali, but this does not make a first... Only social media hype...
  14. gekodivebali

    Bali - rental fins

    For L or XL, we have Power jets. Rest is as described by drtfarmer
  15. gekodivebali

    Diving certificate and first week November diving Bali?

    Hey Harry, We can do the course in 3 days. We can send you the eLearning code after you book so you get time to study prior to arrival, then have a day diving Penida with the daughter after the course is finished.
  16. gekodivebali

    The Fight for Dragon Island

    Komodo ain't the issue. Most of the action is on Rinca... And that ain't closing!
  17. gekodivebali

    The "Hate Symbols Database" expands to include "OK" hand gesture and "Bowlcut" hairstyle...

    Am not sure how the svatiska got thrown in, but let's continue with this. This symbol has been around for 5000 years and originates from the Indian subcontinent. Today, it can still be seen in lots of places, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. It is an incredibly positive symbol and...
  18. gekodivebali

    36 hours in sanur

    Dive site wise, I'd recommend either Nusa Penida Drift and Manta Point or Gili Tepekong, Gili Mimpang or Gili Biaha if you're into big things. The former can be dived with a boat from Sanur. The latter require a 45 minutes commute followed by a 15 minute boat ride. Operators from Padang Bai...
  19. gekodivebali

    Camera shopping Bali/Sanur?

    As Mike said, not sure where you will be able to find an LX10 or SeaLife on Bali. There are better cameras on the market anyways for similar prices. I would look at going to oceanpixel or Sinar Photo...
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