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    O2:uV Error return to factory

    Hi, please send email to and we will send you RMA with instructions
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    my cootwo let me down

    If you go to the CO sensor replacement screen the app will tell you when the CO sensor should be replaced.
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    At home Firmware Update

    We update the firmware for free when a customer send in his/her unit for CO sensor calibration
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    my cootwo let me down

    CO calibration expires every 12 months CO life time is ~2 years. Did you check for CO lifetime expiration before calibrating it?
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    Cootwo settings

    Hi, sorry I just saw this message now as I have been out of the country. I did check with our admin and I am being told that we sent you multiple emails (to the email we have on file for you) asking you to return your analyzers to us for service (replacing the sensors and calibration). We never...
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    Launching a Modular DIVE computer on Indiegogo.

    There are already a dozen or so housings in the market that can be used to transform your smartphone dive computer - they all use our Smart Dive Buddy sensor and our app. Very small adoption rate among scuba divers are most people are afraid to take their smartphone deep underwater.
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    Cootwo settings

    With the latest firmware you can also calibrate the O2 sensor directly from the analyzer (but only using Air) see User Manual
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    Sensorcon 20% discounts thru April 25

    So ... what should be the price for a reliable - and accurate - CO only analyzer designed specifically for scuba diving? Please do not tell me $139 .....
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    Nitrox analyzers - Top pick?

    Hi, Thank you for purchasing cootwo and for your report. Unfortunately you report includes several incorrect and misleading statements. Please see below. Li-Ion batteries should be kept properly charged. IF a Li-Ion battery is not properly maintained it MIGHT die off - but that is not always...
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    PSA: DiveNav email data not safe

    We do not sell anybody email address to anyone. that is not our business model at all. As far as I know our site has not been hacked. Unfortunately spam is universal ... I even get it on my personal email account that I rarely use with anyone.
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    ... support for my CooToo (edited)

    They both work
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    ... support for my CooToo (edited)

    Hi, Thank you for reporting this. Something must have been wrong with the autoresponders / filters / forwarders. The email account is indeed discontinued (too much spam), but the email works fine.
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    How to get replacement sensors and calibration in EU (Denmark)?

    Hi, you can purchase the CO sensor from our online store. To contact our customer service please send email to We do not sell calibration gasses nor we are familiar with where you can purchase calibration gasses in Europe
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    CO Analysers

    Hi, I am quite familiar with SB as I have been a member for quite sometime since the days we introduced the eDiving simulator (ask Pete). I just reported a fact: our typical customer is a new diver (they find us because of our Dive Computer Training online service) and new divers are not...
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    ... support for my CooToo (edited)

    Thank you for taking the time to write this. We do not provide support via phone. She is a very sweet and gentle person. Not like me. Thank You again. Please tell your friends about this
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    CO Analysers

    cootwo, along our bluebuddy datalogging system for scientific divers and our Dive Computer Training service, is one of our best selling product. We are a small dedicated team and we care about our products and our customers. We treat them with respect and we expect the same. Very few of our...
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    DiveNav DCbuddy

    So far we sold several thousand units. No. But you could use our free divePAL program and the related App available for Windows, iOS and Android
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    CO Analysers

    The sensor life is determined by the manufacturers of the sensor cells and we respect their recommendation. Better safer than sorry.
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    CO Analysers

    We also have monOx (CO only analyzer) that retails for $229.99 and is as easy to use as its big brother cootwo
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    Is this true for dive computers?

    I agree with Ron. We (DiveNav) do the same in our datalogger and our Smartphone Dive Computer
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