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  1. Rhone Man

    Post Your Pretty Funny Stuff Here

    That's pulpit rock in Norway. Somewhere I have a picture of my kids pretending to hold it together with cheesy grins on their faces. Looks terrifying, but scientists say it is completely safe. Awesome view though - if you can manage the hike up you won't be disappointed.
  2. Rhone Man

    Zanzibar diving - seeking advice

    In July I'll be spending a few days in southern Zanzibar (Kizimkazi, which looks to be away from the majority of the diving centres). I'll be with a large family group containing eight divers of varying experience and skill levels. I'd very much welcome any advice or recommendations that...
  3. Rhone Man

    World's oldest intact shipwreck found

    400 BC. Pretty cool.... This is the world's oldest intact shipwreck - CNN
  4. Rhone Man

    FAKE NEWS!!--PADI to be sold once again

    I am not sure that is correct. This is not the thread to discuss GDPR (which is hugely boring) but PADI are allowed to communicate with people if they have a "legitimate interest" in those people, and customers are generally treated as being subject of a legitimate interest for businesses...
  5. Rhone Man

    12 boys lost in flooded Thai cave

    One of the rescue divers died yesterday. It was never likely that this situation would end without tragedy, and now we have had the first. Let us hope that there won't be many more.
  6. Rhone Man

    FAKE NEWS!!--PADI to be sold once again

    I am just hoping that they bring back the PADI Underwater Hunter specialty course.
  7. Rhone Man

    FAKE NEWS!!--PADI to be sold once again

    I'd pump the brakes a little on the "PADI is worth $1.2 billion" talk. Firstly, just because that is the sticker price doesn't mean someone will pay that. Second, I am struggling to find any credible reports outside of (who dey?) about this. A $1.2 billion M&A transaction isn't...
  8. Rhone Man

    12 boys lost in flooded Thai cave

    At the risk of being an armchair QB, I'd certainly plan to take them out in small batches over several days. Firstly, that gives you a chance to replan and improve if the first one doesn't go so well. Second, best cave divers in the world would silt that all up to buggery if you run a parade...
  9. Rhone Man

    12 boys lost in flooded Thai cave

    I am sure that is true, but I understand that Plan B is to bring in food and water and keep them in the cave for four months until the waters recede. No good options.
  10. Rhone Man

    The cave divers who went back for their friends

    Wasn't quite sure where to post this, but a fantastic article from the BBC about a deep cave body recovery. It's a bit long, but pretty gripping. And with unusually good attention to diving detail for a journalistic piece. The cave divers who went back for their friends
  11. Rhone Man

    Disappointment with German Yanez

    Don't know the gent so I googled him. Say what you like about him, he has one hell of a profile pic on Twitter...
  12. Rhone Man

    How To Do A Reverse (Back) Kick and Avoid Crashing into Corals

    Long before I ever took a tec class I developed a home-brew style of back kick. I extend my legs directly behind me, and spread my fins sideways like a T. Then I rotate my ankles to "scoop" water forward creating gentle backward pressure. You stay streamlined so it is easier to generate...
  13. Rhone Man

    Cave Fills on LP tanks

    When I lived in the UK, back in the 80s people regularly bragged about filling their tanks to absurd pressures, like 4,500 PSI. I'd be fine with that for a single dive if you really needed it, but definitely not something you would want to do routinely. Apart from the strain on the tank, Lord...
  14. Rhone Man

    NO! Don't take that

    Big plus one on the meds: taking swim-ear, headache tablets, anti diarrhea and anti seasickness is very prudent. Small and light to take, but you can spend an awful week regretting it if you don't have them but need them.
  15. Rhone Man

    Keeping up with Changing Thinking in Scuba

    What I find interesting is not how much diving changes (even in tec), but how little. A sport we evolve with agonising slowness. If a tec diver awoke today after 20 years in a coma, I don't think it would take him or her too long to get up to speed before strapping on a twinset and launching...
  16. Rhone Man

    Lost camera found after 2 years underwater

    I guess they were hoping the old Facebook rule applied - if there is no photo, it didn't happen.
  17. Rhone Man

    Lost camera found after 2 years underwater

    Because it is never really lost... just misplaced temporarily. Camera rescued after two years underwater
  18. Rhone Man

    Bayahibe DR, a destination worth going to for diving?

    It is many years since I dived Bayahibe, but my opinion is: good holiday, very affordable, some decent diving, but I would struggle to fill a 5-6 dive trip with good diving. YMMV.
  19. Rhone Man

    Cayman Islands

    You are very fortunate. I had a lot of friends who went though Ivan. Not something I'd wish on my worst enemy. A small island with a maximum elevation of around 20 feet is no place to weather a Cat-5.
  20. Rhone Man

    Cayman Islands

    That's a good point. Risk of a hurricane hitting whilst you are on the island is fairly small but in any event manageable. Hurricane hovering around on a day you are due to fly to or from the Caribbean can be a major disruption.
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