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    New TG-5 Owner, Looking for Tips

  2. RTee

    Life expectancy of dive computers?

    I have a Suunto Vyper that has over 550 dives and is on its third battery. My wife has similar dive computer, has probably 400 dives or so and is on its second battery (and we always carry spare batteries when we go away). Both are still going strong.
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    A few Olympus Tg 4 snaps

    @ponomo1 , you are right. Only the Tg-4 With a single Ys-D1, mind you, some of the pictures were post edited with Lightroom. Overall very happy with the results.
  4. RTee

    A few Olympus Tg 4 snaps

    Kathy, just click on my avatar picture and ALBUMS should be one of the options appearing. Cayman Brac will be one of them. Let me know if it does not work.
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    Thinking about the new TG 5

    Based on my own experience with Sea life (DC 1000) and Olympus TG-4, night and day in terms of camera performance and quality of stills and videos. Also one of my main motivator was the RAW capability offered by the camera for post editing as well as the macro/micro functions. You should be...
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    A few Olympus Tg 4 snaps

    I, to, am using the TG-4, but mainly as a back-up camera, my main one being the Olympus EPL-5. Having said that, I chose to only use that camera on my recent trip to Cayman Brac (album can be seen in my media section) with a single Ys-D1 and Fantasea video light.. One of the factors you...
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    Mix of shore/boat diving - 3 nights

    It does not appear to offer much during the day but it comes alive at night with eels, octopus, burr fish, etc...all in less than 20 ft of water. The best $6s I ever spent for night dives.
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    Rashguard pants?

    All full length dive skins I have seen come with a front zipper and are much easier to remove than wetsuit.
  9. RTee

    Rashguard pants?

    The alternative would be for you to get a full length dive skin. You could use it to dive or snorkel in warm water and I have seen some that were very colorful.
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    TG-3 & TG-4 Housing Options

    I see it is also available through Amazon dot Com and if so interested, the 67mm threaded wide angle wet dome for it as well
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    TG-3 & TG-4 Housing Options

    Sea I ordered them through Amazon dot Ca (Canada) but nonetheless they were shipped from China.
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    Grand Cayman vs Cayman Brac vs Bonaire

    Kathy, this is what they advertised and normally do. Not only there were no mesh bags when we showed up at check-in but also when I showed up at the Dive ops they were also surprised to see us because nobody had told them we were coming even though we had reserved over 6 months in advance. What...
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    Grand Cayman vs Cayman Brac vs Bonaire

    Just came back from a week at CBBR. (12-19 Jan) Additional flight from GC is relatively minimal in cost but depending on airplane type can have an impact on luggage allowance. Further info on Cayman Airways website. In our case we landed in GC at 1330hrs and finally arrived at CBBR at 2130hrs...
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    Bonaire Shore Diving

    Alternatively, depending on your dive set-up you could easily rig your second 80cft as a stage bottle and use this as an alternate air source rather than renting a pony.
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    Maximum depth for a TG-4 in a PT-056 housing

    No idea but I would think that if you exceed the depth rating perhaps nothing will happen (I have known folks taking the TG-2 deeper than the advertized 50 ft with no problem) or perhaps water will seep in. On the positive side, the camera is itself waterproof down to 50 ft, so if you do...
  16. RTee

    My Dive buddy is afraid of getting eaten by a Shark.

    Don't change the mind of your buddy. More elbow room for the rest of
  17. RTee

    Nitrox on Brac?

    I spent a week at CBBR in mid January. Depending on the package you picked some have free Nitrox upgrade included. Ours did so using Nitrox was a no brainer.
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    Ambergris Caye, where to stay? Dive ops?

    Spent close to 2 weeks in Ambergris Caye in 2014. I used the services of Cap'n Ron Reef Adventures which included a lodging/diving package (Paradise Villas and Reef Adventures). He even coordinated the island hopper leg and had ground transportation waiting for us at San Pedro airport even...
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    Photo editing program

    For the past two years I used the Adobe CC subscription and then realized that I never found the time to use the other softwares beside Lightroom. This year, I elected to cancel my registration and purchased Lightroom 6 stand alone. While 6.14 (similar to 2015.14) is the last update they made...
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