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  1. herman

    Thread size on LP and 2nd stage hoses

    I did a double take on this one too....why on earth would Bryan be asking this.
  2. herman

    Fixing sticky inflator button

    Rather than spray, use silicon grease instead, it is less prone to washing off
  3. herman

    Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

    PLEASE don't add another blasted log in. This is a chat board, not a banking account.
  4. herman

    Hookah Port question

    !!*(&*!! I dont't like this new format....anyway I cant answer your question without having one in my hand. The thread size is just one aspect of the fit, mygu ess is it will not
  5. herman

    Piston or diaphragm 1st stage ?

    I agree with you on the MK-5/10s great regs but I will challenge you on the longevity of parts. USD/AL Conshelf (diaphragm reg) was introduced in 1965 (56 yrs) and rebuild parts are still available. To be honest, both of these regs are anomalies from an age aspect but it does show a well...
  6. herman

    Piston or diaphragm 1st stage ?

    I'll add a little to tbone, a damaged piston is the least of your worries. The piston will be at it's most extended (left in the above drawing) position when depressurized. If your tech did a poor packing job (or you did a poor job of rinsing a non-sealed piston reg) and salt water sets next to...
  7. herman

    Hookah Port question

    I don't have any more of them and at least for now have stopped making tools. No extra time these days.....but I may retire in the not too distant future and need something to do again. The threads on the port are 9/16-18
  8. herman

    Electrical outlets

    In many places the number of US style outlets are limited. I take an inexpensive power strip so I have more outlets as I am usually charging a number of items.
  9. herman

    Going vintage

    Another clearing method you might want to try that was used back in the day with mask that did not have nose pockets. Just press the mask squarely against your face so it seals a bit better, this will allow some pressure to build in the mask and blow out your nose. It's not as effective as...
  10. herman

    Mk10 with an internal crack ... how, why, WTH?

    I am interested in it for a few bucks to cut apart as a display
  11. herman

    on line source: mk-2 hp piston seat

    I won't make them for sale, liability is the first issue and they take a good bit of time since they are all "cut by hand" so not worth my time unless I am restoring a reg for which seats are unobtainium.
  12. herman

    on line source: mk-2 hp piston seat

    Found an OEM MK-2 kit The seat measures 0.1373in / 3.478mm tall .18275 in /4.631mm diameter
  13. herman

    on line source: mk-2 hp piston seat

    It's been a long time since I experimented with this but yea, I made some seats for piston regs in the past. I had some success doing it. As I recall, I was using nylon rods that I cut to length. Next time I get some shop time I'll see what I can come up with, I know I still have a lot of...
  14. herman

    on line source: mk-2 hp piston seat

    I suspect you know this but just in case you don't, the seat is pushed out by inserting a thin rod (blunt end of a small drill works well) up into the head of the piston then into the small hole behind the seat. You don't "dig" it out from the seat end.
  15. herman

    Best way to learn to service regulators?

    If you are considering any flow through piston (MK-5/10) you should add a bullet tool. It's the one "necessary" tool for those regs. IMO,unless you plan to use high O2 concentrations, above 36% nitrox, Christolube is an expensive and unnecessary choice for a lube. The old standard, Dow 111...
  16. herman

    Regulator Help, Leak

    I am going to take this in a different direction. From the description of the problem and the fact it's been doing this since new I am leaning toward either an incorrect oring was installed or incorrect machining. What the OP is describing sounds like excessive clearance in the gland for this...
  17. herman

    Best way to learn to service regulators?

    Your Dacors are what I think of as advanced regs to service, not be because they are difficult but rather no parts kits are available for them so you have to get creative with parts. Trident sells some HP seats that may work so you might can get them and Dacor used pretty much standard orings...
  18. herman

    What is the most bulletproof 1st stage of all time?

    Does USD count as Aqualung? I'll throw one in that you might not think of, the double hose Mistral. Few moving parts, completely sealed, no seals or orings to go bad and very simple. Add to that, there is no second stage to go bad because it does not have one. You can even re-polish the main...
  19. herman

    Compass-depth meter combo in one instrument - New version

    It's easy, remove tube, remove plug from end, cut new tubing to length, reinstall plug and then put it back in the housing. I forget the size of the tube but I have some if anyone needs me to measure it.
  20. herman

    Found Items, need background and context

    The light looks trashed, the black reflector indicates it has been flooded. On a little up side, the first stage is likely a MK-10 (maybe MK-5) , a pretty good reg, worth a few bucks.
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