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  1. parrotheaddiver

    Trip Report CocoView Resort May 8-15, 2021

    the boats can hold 22 divers but they do not put more than 18 max most of the time unless the resort is full or there is a big group, only12 divers on board, they try to split divers between the 5 boats
  2. parrotheaddiver

    Trip Report CocoView Resort May 8-15, 2021

    I believe I see a couple of dive friends on your boat Anita and Dawn
  3. parrotheaddiver

    Fire on safari boat Suzana in Egypt (Red Sea Aggressor)

    and aren't you glad to be out of da' bidness' ;-P
  4. parrotheaddiver

    Most Affordable Place To Stay In Belize For One Person?

    I stay at Turneffe and Blue Hole is included in the package price. Most dive sites are with in 10 min of the resort...Blue Hole is a t-shirt dive not much to see still around 1 hour by big boat but Half Moon wall is worth the trip and you stop there on the way back after lunch at Half Moon caye
  5. parrotheaddiver

    Southwest coming to Cozumel!!!

    Houston Hobby is not that bad. I have flown out of there to Grand Cayman
  6. parrotheaddiver

    Coming to CCV? Post it here... we can meet F2F

    May 11-18-2019 Red Boat
  7. parrotheaddiver

    Doc Radawski slideshow tribute

    yes he and Mr. Bill(Bill Evans)founder did name and placed moorings at the dive sites
  8. parrotheaddiver

    Doc Radawski slideshow tribute

    the man had an amazing life...Thank you Tim Blanton
  9. parrotheaddiver

    Doc Radawski, final ascent

    an extraordinary man who led an extraordinary life. RIP please tell Mr Bill and Miss Ev hello.
  10. parrotheaddiver

    Itza Lodge. Long Caye, Belize. The good, bad and everything else

    thank you for the review. I considered both of these places but went with Turneffee because I couldn't find any reviews of hurcan or itza...going back to turneffee in May. I made the right choice for me...thanks again
  11. parrotheaddiver

    Change in management at CCV

    Scott and Patty Chandler have taken over as managers. They were the couple that headed up the seahorse festival every year
  12. parrotheaddiver

    Roatan Immigration forms

    I have filled it out a couple of times. The last time was in September of this year, they put me in the locals line which I can get into anyway since I am considered a senior citizen but it seemed to make it quicker once you got to the immigration person...but then you have to wait forever for...
  13. parrotheaddiver

    Change in management at CCV

    to repeat myself...don't like it....don't go back....and I have been going to Roatan since the 70's I have seen changes too but I still go back...maybe you should contact Carl and let him know how you would like to see CoCo View run....peace out
  14. parrotheaddiver

    Change in management at CCV

    I think snarky gregm11 is just trying to start some s*** :troll:he probably knows CCV has a big following here and on FB. I was just stirring the pot a little:stirpot:
  15. parrotheaddiver

    Change in management at CCV

    gregm11...WTH don't change anything that has always been the rule. if you don't like the way it is run don't go. we old people need a place to go where there are not a bunch of snarky young people acting like snarky young people:p:troll::laughrant::stirpot:
  16. parrotheaddiver

    Change in management at CCV

    They be gone....they are sailing around the caribbean for a few weeks with friends and then home to Houston...sure gonna miss them...the owners son was there while we were there I assume to learn the ropes until new managers are hired
  17. parrotheaddiver

    Cocoview Resort Roatan Video

    great video I hope you posted it on CoCo View's fb page..thanks for sharing
  18. parrotheaddiver

    Texdiveguy.... So Long Buddy :-(

    awwww sorry to hear this news timeliner...I always enjoyed y'all's banter on the forum...RIP
  19. parrotheaddiver

    Who changed my name?

    OOOOH I want to be a Kracken
  20. parrotheaddiver

    Honduran Immigration Pre-Registration

    True, but you can be drinking a cold beer or soft drink while you wait for the others :D
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