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  1. Zef

    Greg Corbelli

    Anyone have any news regarding the recent passing of Greg Corbelli? Greg was the recent manager of the Villers-Deux-Eglises (V-2-E) dive site in Belgium between Beaumont and Philippville. I had met Greg on a few occasions while diving V-2-E before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. He was very...
  2. Zef

    Review: Waterproof Ultima DGS Push-Pull System

    Got my hands on a set of Waterproof Ultima DGS Push and Pull system today. I had asked my local dive shop to order me a set out of curiosity and then contacted Waterproof with some questions about how they actually work...they could not provide any explanation beyond the videos they put on...
  3. Zef

    Diving fatality in Belgium

    It is with great sadness that I post the tragic loss of a friend, fellow club member, and dive partner, Jean-Marc Depinois, who died during a dive at Carriere de Dongelberg (Dongelberg quarry) yesterday, 28 February 2021. From the news relayed to me today: Jean-Marc was diving with two other...
  4. Zef

    Subgravity Paragon harness

    Does anyone have any experience with the Subgravity Paragon harness or a similar adjustable harness using this type of hardware? I am looking to know if one is able to loosen the straps while wearing a single tank rig. And would you recommend this type of "buckle" if one wanted to make...
  5. Zef

    Want to Buy weight mould

    Looking to buy (or borrow???) a lead weight mould so I can cut down and recast a couple of 10lb lead blocks into something smaller like 2lb blocks. -Z
  6. Zef

    Mares XR SF2 Loop...any thoughts?

    My wife and I each received a Mares XR SF2 Loop to add to our backplates. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this product? -Z
  7. Zef

    Mares XR harness picture

    Here is the ad copy picture of the Mares XR harness, can you spot what's wrong in the picture?: -Z
  8. Zef

    REVIEW: Fourth Element Ellipse Dryglove System

    PART 1 Before purchasing the Fourth Element Ellipse system, I searched for reviews on the internet but could pretty much only find ad copy. So in an effort to be un-jaded and independent I purchased a couple of sets (one set for me and one set for my wife) so that we could test and offer an...
  9. Zef

    For Trade Cressi Frog fins for Cressi Reaction fins

    I have a set of Cressi Reaction fins and a set of Cressi Frog fins both in very good shape and both in size M/L. My wife has bogarted my Reaction fins for use with her drysuit, leaving me with the Frog fins....they are a great fin except the cause my feet to cramp up. If anyone is interested...
  10. Zef

    Frecking HP hose leak

    Finally got back in the water today since last, school, and a traumatic hand injury that required surgery has kept me landluberring for more months than I care for. When we got out of the water my wife mentioned I had a stream of bubbles coming from the short high pressure hose...
  11. Zef

    Aqualung/Apeks Griplock strap length question

    Could anyone with the non-wrapture version of the Aqualung or Apeks griplock tank strap please measure and post the length of the webbing strap? I have a mystery pair of griplock tank straps that seem really long. The webbing straps of mine measures 51-inches in length end-to-end. I have...
  12. Zef

    IP Question - Mares MR22

    I just got a deluxe IP gauge from DGX. Tested my two older MR22 Abyss 1st stages and found the IP was high: One was reading 150psi and the other 155psi. The specs from Mares is 142-148psi I adjusted the first stage by loosening the regulating nut with a 10mm Allen key. When purging one of...
  13. Zef

    Mouldable mouthpiece on primary donate setup

    Was exchanging messages with a fellow SBer today and he mentioned something about his setup that got me thinking about mine. I have a hyper-sensitive gag reflex and a couple of years ago switched to a custom moldable mouth piece on my primary 2and stage, which is on either a primary donate 7ft...
  14. Zef

    Aqualung Griplock question

    I very recently picked up a pair of Aqualung Griplock tank straps that were "new" sealed in plastic bag with product nomenclature, part number, and barcode(15 euros/each). I suspect these are an older version of the straps because although they seem identical to the current version they do not...
  15. Zef

    Gear rack collapsed

    We have been using the following for the past handful of years to store dive gear out in the garage: The only difference to how we had it set up is that we set ours up without the bar halfway up on the clothes hanging side. This evening one of the plastic cross-members on the right side...
  16. Zef

    Want to Buy Suunto transmitter flow restrictors

    Anyone have a spare set of the flow restrictors for Suunto transmitters they don't need/would be willing to part with? -Z
  17. Zef

    Short/small backplate

    Want to buy a short or small size backplate for my wife. She is 5'2" tall and a regular size backplate is a bit too long for her. Prefererencenis for stainless but aluminum would be ok too. -Z
  18. Zef

    Tecline long trim pockets - opinions please

    Anyone use the Tecline long trim pockets or have any thoughts about it? -Z
  19. Zef

    cylinder boot question

    A fellow diver in one of the clubs I am in asked me what the nub circled in red is on my cylinder boot: I told him I was not 100% sure but thought it was to hold the rod of a J-valve. Is that correct or is it for something else? -Z
  20. Zef

    Triangle rings vs D-rings

    As our kids have grown and moved on to universities, the trampoline that has weathered many a storm as the centerpiece of our back yard has recently been dismantled (to the sadness of our german shepherds who love wrestling on it). The tarpaulin has triangular shaped rings sewn in that the...