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    SOLD!!! All gone

    Hi I will take a purge cover for a Z1. Andy
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    Suunto D9 temp sensor malfunction

    D9 temp sensor reads high (115F) and does not go down (out of the water). Will this impact the other functions of the watch in water ie dive time. That is, is the temp sensor also connected to other functions? Andy
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    Rix Jamming Compressor

    Hi. Do you still have the compressor? Any pictures? Andy
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    SoCal Air/Nitrox Fill Cards

    How much for just the SC cards? Thanks, Andy
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    wtb 10w hid bulb & ballast

    The 10W bulb and ballast seem to be harder and harder to come by. I can suggest you look at maybe securing a Niterider either scuba light or bike light. They both have the same components. With a little soldering they can easily repair or replace your broken light. I have been lucky and usually...
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    New White's Fusion Boots size 12

    I'll take them if not sold already. Thanks, Andy
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    Sealife DC1400 Accessories for Cheap!

    I will take it all. My paypal account is Send me an invoice and I will pay promptly. Thanks, Andy
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    RIX SA6 Compressor with motor controller and filter

    Completely understandable. I will look into it. Please keep me posted. Thanks, Andy
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    2nd Hand Suunto D9 wont turn on

    Chris is way smarter than myself. I think he is right-dead battery.
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    Atomic Split Fin

    Contact Steve at Gold Coast Scuba. He often dives there.
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    RIX SA6 Compressor with motor controller and filter

    Can you determine the shipping cost to zip code 02910. I have a RIX now and they are great. I actually bought mine from a professor in Ms. He used a freight company to ship it. It was some time ago before gas prices and surge charges were added to deliveries. Thanks, Andy
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    Easy shore dive near Bristol RI?

    Ft. Adam's (Newport) all the way to the end. Take your 1st left when you enter Ft. Adams all the way to the end near the Eisenhower House, At the base of the Newport Bridge (Van Zandt), or even Kings Beach in Newport.
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    Tanks, Tanks and more tanks.

    I am coming out to SD tomorrow. Are you willing to rent the 100's for a week, then I can drop them back off. Thanks, Andy
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    SeaLife DC1000

    There is a sealife DC1000 on Ebay right now 2 days leftt 10.00
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    SeaLife DC1000

    Have you tried to change the battery. I have had trouble with water getting in my DC800 would not consider it flooded but when I put a new battery in it worked. Just a thought. Andy Sealife DC500 DC600 DC800 DC1400
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    WTB: battery for DR cannister light

    Try Batteries Plus. They will make you a battery to fit your canister much cheaper than DR will charge or you will be able to find used. Andy
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    Any Spoilt/Damaged/Flooded Suunto Dive Computer and Wireless Transmitter

    Hi, I have a D9 transmitter that will not pair with my watch. I put a battery tester on it and it reads 3.2 volts, but it will not pair. If you are interested how much do you think it is worth? Andy