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    Deco For Divers, Ed 2, And Speed Of Helium Off-gas

    So David doolette has done some other work looking at the number needed and depending on the control profile you may only need 100 people (50 in each arm) to have a meaningful difference in VGE (a surrogate for DCS) which is the only way you'd be able to conduct these studies outside of the...
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    Deco For Divers, Ed 2, And Speed Of Helium Off-gas

    So this is where the statistics used in scientific studies and 'common sense' often disagree. This was a small study, a 20% difference with several hundred participants would be highly significant. Because it is small there is a greater probability any observed difference is due to chance...
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    Doolette's Alert Diver Interview

    Healthy lungs are pretty good at gas exchange. Decompression efficiency is largely driven by the delta partial pressure between the gas you are breathing and tissues so i don't think it'd have a significant effect during a dive
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    Deco For Divers, Ed 2, And Speed Of Helium Off-gas

    US Navy uses heliox so the test is set up to see if using nitrogen would result in superior decompression (as bulhmann's model would suggest). Once they reached a certain number of events in their trial (dcs) you can statistically determine that there continuing further will not show that your...
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    CPAP in dcs

    Sorry for the delay in replying, I was on holiday diving! Thanks for all the great replies. So it seems its exactly what I thought where it is potentially useful but with practical limitations but a tool in the box nonetheless. When it comes to medicine I'm an aggregation of marginals gains type...
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    CPAP in dcs

    This thread is mostly me just thinking aloud but I've been ruminating it on a bit so I thought I'd open it up to the floor. The treatment for DCS is oxygen to help off gas nitrogen as quickly as possible +/- recompression as necessary. We know that a reservoir mask at 15l/minute of 02 is going...
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    The math behind Haldane, Buhlmann, RGBM, and VPM algorithms?

    If anyone is still interested here is the link to the spreadsheet
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    The math behind Haldane, Buhlmann, RGBM, and VPM algorithms?

    So the computer my spreadsheet was on has finally died so i'm waiting on an enclosure for the drive i've taken out of it. I did however find the website i used to make it which is this: DIY DECOMPRESSION I grabbed the half lives of the various compartments from a paper somewhere i can't find and...
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    The math behind Haldane, Buhlmann, RGBM, and VPM algorithms?

    I was interested in this so I looked around the web and ended up creating an excel spreadsheet which did deco calculations for trimix using zhl-16 and gf. I can dig it out if people want it and do a quick write up on how it works.
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    Tourniquet discussion

    Tourniquets for hemorrhage control on the battlefi... [J Trauma. 2003] - PubMed result A study done by the israeli army showing that from 91 applications there were 5 complcations with no loss of limb and the tourniquet had to be on for a minimum of 108minutes for ischaemic injury to be...
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    Where is your "bar"?

    My bar is 3 notches higher then where i am now, always will be.
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    Is this video real? 293ft on air...

    Gotta make the number believable:D
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    HOG Regs?

    anyone know which exact reg they are from oceandivers? hog regs look good but it'd be nice to look up the numbers before buying.
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    Is one aspirin a good pre-dive idea?

    thanks, my pharm-fu is way weak after nearly a year in the lab taking a break from medicine to doing my bsc in neuroscience
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    Excel 2007 zhl-16 trimix dive planner

    Thought i'd share something i'd be messing around with. As a med student i'm very very interested in the physiology in diving so have been reading up on zhl-16 and how it's calculated. Thats lead to me making a dive planner in excel to satisfy my own curiosity. At the moment you have to manually...
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    Is one aspirin a good pre-dive idea?

    Aspirin is used quite a lot in people who are at high risk of a heart attack. However this is normally a constant regime so i'm very skeptical of the benefits of one just before a dive. Probably not going to do any damage though.
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    Atlantis - Dubai sets the whale shark free

    Nice! Now if only they showed the same compassion to the thousands of workers they shipped in from around the world.
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    Pool Diving for Now

    so long as you occasionally practice basics i think the only thing that would really help is maybe some buoyancy skills. A hoop with a weight at the bottom in the deep end would give you a nice target to nail them down, if you can hover comfortable in 12ft of water your going to have no problems...
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    OW checkouts

    Like the others have said it's just practicing the pool stuff plus the compass work. With the latter don't sweat it, i thought it was going to be hard but the worst thing was my instructor getting me to practice on land with a towel over my head in front of all the other divers having tea...
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