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    Looking for OMFG experience. hard to impress kinda guy. Boracay and Bohol

    Go to Moalboal,Cebu if whalesharks is top of the list dive shops there go to Oslob for whaleshark dive(feeding).....
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    New to Philippines and need help finding the best diving

    Hey Ray I'm going to the Phil. last week of April until May 17th.I'm from Bohol but I will be diving in Moalboal too(booked already).my parents has a house in Bohol and I will be staying there too if you"re interested let me know or PM me.we can just drive to the dive shop from their house.
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    Looking for a computer that can grow with me.

    I'm a recreational diver right now but planning to do tech diving in the future.can I use Petrel?
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    Uwatec Galileo Sol

    is this item still available?
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    Advice RE: Panglao

    Roger, Same price man,check for there$200 3days 9dives + 3day lunch. When are going to Bohol? I will visit Bohol somtimes in June. Good Luck, Edwin
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    Advice RE: Panglao

    If you will be in Bohol just to dive and not care about the beach,if I were in your shoes I wouldn't stay in Panglao.You will probably better of staying at Bohol tropics in Tagbilaran.There are 3 dive shops in there I'm talking about Bohol Tropics itself.I dove with 2 years...
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    Big hello fom Texas

    Thank you man.
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    Big hello fom Texas

    I've been to Flower Gardens twice. I haven't tried the lakes here.
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    Big hello fom Texas

    Hello to everybody.I'm new to this site and I enjoy it already. Happy diving.
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