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    Prices to ask/pay for second-hand gear

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I tried to look through but really couldn't find a "good" forum to post this in. Over the last 4 years I've realised that, at least for the time-being, my scuba diving days are over, the cold water of California, and a 3 year old mean I just don't have the...
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    Bizarro thread... Snoring....

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    A clip to review

    Short clip... Bar Jacks So what would you have done, my problem with this clip is that the "good" stuff is the distance because you can see the fish circling that rock, and can see some of them eating as they go round. The bad is that because of the distance the red filter did almost...
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    First cut of video from St Kitts to St Maartin

    Okay, here is my first cut, this is about half-way through the video I took a few years back that I'm reviving now that I have much more hard drive space and trying to put into a decent video. My biggest concern of this (overall) is that the compression doesn't do wonders for it (Ideally I'd...
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    Snorkeling in Aruba?

    How is the snorkeling in Aruba? I'm thinking of going there on Honeymoon, and while I might do a dive or two, which I'm sure are fantastic, my finance only snorkels.
  6. J

    Florida photo with some Paintshop play

    So I took a shot that I'd taken when I dove Largo Dry Rock in Florida back near the end of 2005 and started to play in Paintshop (yes I know, I'm a sinner for not using photoshop) anyway... just curious what others think, some photos seem to lend themselves to these so well We started with...
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    Quick video from this weekend

    Overall I'm actually really surprised at the clarity given the depth (about 50') and that it was taken without any video lights. I used the sand to set the white balance which seemed to work pretty well overall.
  8. J

    Painted Greenling I believe?
  9. J

    Bamboo Reef Fundive report - Oct 22nd

    Dive 1: Medtridium Fields - After an amusing site briefing due to the fog layer (site briefing along the lines of "there is a bouy out there above the metridium fields, honest, no really there is, you just can't see it) and a very long surface swim out to the bouy (it was there, we did find it...
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    Fish ID

    Does anyone have good websites which will aid in fish identification, for example, I have a fish I want to identify that I took a picture of in Hawaii, Now while I can find a lot of sites with pictures of fish from Hawaii, it's hard to find which fish it is without just going through every...
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    Bamboo Reef Fun dive this sunday

    I'll be (hopefully) coming down from San Francisco to Monterey for the monthly Bamboo Reef fun dive. Anyone else planning to go?
  12. J

    Epoque release housing for Sanyo HD1/HD1A

    Wow, This may be my next fun play toy... we'll have to see, but at 250 for the housing and 500 (ish) for the camera, this would be a really nice play thing, without costing a vast fortune for HD video. Of course, not sure on the "quality" of the HD video, some reviews seem good, others...
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    Canon SD800 Battery life for video

    Curiosity question, Vaguely thinking some day I'll get another new camera, and was looking vaguely at the SD800, anyone know what the battery life when taking videos is on this thing? I know it has a 4GB or 1 hour time limit, but I'm wondering if the battery lasts for that hour or if the...
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    Paint Shop tutorials

    Just trying to see if any good tutorials exist for Paint Shop, I realise most people seem to use Photoshop, but wonder if anyone else uses Paint Shop Pro (or Photo Album).
  15. J

    Kefalonia Early September 2006

    Some snorkling photos, Not the best sea-scape (no coral, just a rock ridge line esentially) but a few nice photos. Couple of things I learnt 1. Camera seems to have quite bad vignetting, especially after cleaning up with Corel Photo Album. 2. Taking photos with a VPC-C5 when not able...
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    Quickie question, anyone know about Kefalonia Diving

    I'm going there in a couple of weeks, staying on the south central area (Lourdas if I recall although spelling varies depending on who you ask) just wondering about diving maybe snorkling some (only going to take my mask and snorkel, will rent if I decide to dive).
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    Website for free video upload?

    I'm trying to get an idea of what websites people use for free video uploads, and what the pros and cons are. So far I've used Zippyvideo (seemed good, but 100MB limit total, so can't have THAT many videos at once) Google Video (had a problem with .MP4 file resolution, it wasn't showing...
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    Mask with built in diopta rating (spelling I know)

    So after my mask breaking, I ordered a new Mares Zero 9 (since a few stores seemed to still have some) only to find out they are lying gits and don't really have one in stock (on back order they claim, yeah right, fat chance given that the manufacturer doesn't make them anymore). So, while...
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    Question about Mares masks (Zero 9 in particular)

    I have a Mares Zero 9, well I should say had, was diving Breakwater in CA today, got out to nice water depth, tried to go down, mask seemed to be leaking, thought eh, must have caught it in my hood, went up, took it off, and found that the top plastic piece had snapped, and that the lenses were...
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    Anyone going to the Video Presentation in SF this evening?

    I'm probably going to go (unless work gets major issues I have to deal with). I gather it's San Francisco Reef Divers, 7:30pm @ Sinbad's (next to the Ferry Building).
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