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  1. infieldg

    Diver lost near Hen and Chicken Islands - New Zealand

    I learnt to respect vertigo after the one and only time I experienced it, scallop diving here in NZ in my early days, only 16m tops. I made a huge cloud of silt (my last ever cloud of silt come to think of it!) and my buddy winked out of existence. I tried to find him for a minute, then while...
  2. infieldg

    Oil rig diver crippled by incompetence

    Holy sh1t, I naively assumed that anyone in that industry would automatically receive far better trauma cover than the life/trauma package I get as a desk-diving software developer. Even if the on-site chamber WASN'T available, should he have been given an extra dive without it? And sending...
  3. infieldg

    British diver found dead - Talay Songhong park, Thailand

    I think they meant that the physical quantity of CO at 45ppm in each breath at depth is equivalent to a breath of 720ppm gas on the surface cos you're breathing 16x as much at depth.
  4. infieldg

    Winter Storm Ciara fatality - Oban, Scotland

    We knew what you meant Don, calling it a hurricane immediately gave the people who came to this forum to find out how this poor chap died a feel for the conditions. And The Guardian's "Storm Ciara hammers UK with hurricane-force winds and floods" headline confirms the force involved. Since I'm...
  5. infieldg

    The difficulty in determining DCS – Anatomy of a Dive Accident

    Yeah food for thought alright, sidemount levels you out without trying, no sklls required at all to look like superman, and every dive my head is in the same position as when you sit down and stare at the ceiling.,Hmmm....
  6. infieldg

    Diver fatality Okinawa, Japan

    Yeah that's the ONLY thing I don't like about sidemount, having tanks in line with your body is amazing for perfect balance at any angle and any attitude in the water, just the most incredible feeling, but then you blow up the balloon on your back at the surface... Yep, it pitches you forward...
  7. infieldg

    Indiana woman dies diving Vandenberg - Key West, Florida

    I took Swimbody's comment as relating to heart disease, not obesity. Ancel Key's deceitful seven countries study was largely responsible for the US govt recommending that all Americans reduce fat and increase carbs to 55-60% of daily calories, and was accompanied by both a massive upsurge in...
  8. infieldg

    Lessons to be learned-Death in Palau

    I've learned a LOT from this old thread too. I've got no high-current experience but based on the way a dpv makes my second reg free-flow that'll now be the first thing I think of, followed closely by the possibility of losing my mask turning my head. I never considered the full implication of...
  9. infieldg

    Two German divers drown at Gran Cenote Kalimba at Tulum

    I'm writing this out of genuine concern so please move rather than delete it? I'd like to state my wish that should I die diving, I fully endorse investigation of my accident by qualified divers so that other lives may be saved by the lessons learnt, even if it means my loved ones have to...
  10. infieldg

    Divers lose boat, no pilot left aboard - Florida

    I respect the one who swam for the boat not just for their effort, but their summary ; I keep thinking now that I live on my boat I could go down too and reel off from the anchor. I mean... it seems safe, as I type this at my desk... I can see how they might have thought this was okay, as bad...
  11. infieldg

    Shaw’s Cove, Laguna Beach, CA Fatality

    Yup redundancy doesn't end with hardware, I try to always have at least two or more tanks, regs, line cutters, torches, and brains, and at least FOUR eyes and hands...a buddy is just a redundant 'me' for when I break down.
  12. infieldg

    Fire on safari boat Suzana in Egypt (Red Sea Aggressor)

    As supplied by Yamaha in the engine bay of my Japanese domestic market SC38 Salon Cruiser, so already a respected product in 1989!
  13. infieldg

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    Might that create a more dangerous surge every time someone turned it back on tho I wonder? Genuine question - all I know about electricity is that wires are full of conductive smoke and stop working when all the smokes has leaked out.
  14. infieldg

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    While you may be used to this design and accustomed to trusting it because it's legal and the operator was top notch - that's without question - and the track record of the basic design is good, some of us are simply looking at it objectively through fresh eyes and seeing it for the first time...
  15. infieldg

    Father drowns on family Niagara river dive trip - Ontario, Canada

    As the link in the footer of the post of the artist formerly known as NetDoc suggests, "dive and let dive". For some of us, 'excitement' is reason enough to be in the water - there's no 'right' reason to do a particular dive, nor a 'proper' one as long as we plan and execute it well, what...
  16. infieldg

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    Sounds like the entire galley level - the most common source of fires on boats (tho batteries seem likely in this case) yet the only place where smoke is NORMAL - was unoccupied, in which case I don't think the fire needed to be FAST, it may have had all the time in the world to grow because as...
  17. infieldg

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    I hope so too, especially if reports that one of them lost his girlfriend to the fire are true. When I read that, and that one broke an ankle, I figured the moment they discovered the fire and rushed to the entrance to below decks, there was literally nothing anyone could have done :( The...
  18. infieldg

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    Ditto with my Mares torch, the entire thing completely flooded with seawater from lens to 26650 battery, and when I started to unscrew the battery compartment cap later thickish brown water oozed out but everything was fine - no bulging or anything, cleaned up okay. By no means a guaranteed...
  19. infieldg

    Dive Fatality in Upper Keys, Florida

    I keep meaning to put a bungee on my long-hose as well, I always breath off the tank with the short-hose and bungee on the bottom in case I tox or pass out, but a heart attack can happen at ANY depth, two bucks to keep your reg in your mouth seems like good value. Have to remember to actually do...
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