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  1. Don Ponzini

    How many masks did you go through to find one that works?

    Since my first mask, which I got back in 2000, got damaged three years ago I have been trying all different types of masks. Must make a good seal but it's the low volume or space between the glass and my forehead that gets me. I cannot seem to find a mask that will prevent the glass from...
  2. Don Ponzini

    Getting back to diving after a few years

    Thank you all for all the kind words.
  3. Don Ponzini

    Destination recommendation for family

    Would love to hear more suggestions. My wife and I are in the same boat. together we are four divers and one kid's club nut, the little girl is 7 going on 20 but still needs a lot of playtime with arts and crafts and needs to hang out with people of her own age, of cause no boys just yet :).
  4. Don Ponzini

    Getting back to diving after a few years

    Getting back to diving, my wife and I have not been diving for about 6 years, now with my two boys getting their open water certs this past summer. We are back with a vengeance. Used to dive with a group out of the Bronx from Capt. Mikes Dive Shop on City Island. Will have to get back there...
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