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    Want to Buy Dive rite Voyager EXP or oxycheq

    Looking for either of these in red. Might take blue for the right price, but greatly prefer red. I don't want an oxycheq #18 however. Needs to be #30 or #40 if oxy. Let me know.
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    USA made wings

    Who makes usa constructed wings these days other than dive rite? I want to make sure I consider all options. I tried to Google this on scuba board, but didn't come up with anything. Thanks in advance. I'm looking to make a wing decision relatively soon as possible so your help is appreciated.
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    Question about the teric

    Can one sync a transmitter to a teric, without the transmitter being connected to a tank/first stage? Trying to verify function of the Ai on both pieces of equipment. Thank you.
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    Lake county diver supply

    Anyone here ever taken a class with them? Looking for info and insight.
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    Is under 780 considered a good price for this computer these days? Bnib
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    Suunto d5/ aqua i770 /Garmin descent

    Who has one(or more) of the above computers? Thoughts? Impressions on use, etc would be appreciated. :yeahbaby:
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    You guys are a bad influence

    I've been here everyday since I created my profile, sometimes more than once a day. I'm now having the itch for another trip which isn't good for my pocket. I already did two weeks diving in Barbados in March. Because of this place now I'm considering another place in July or August. Where...
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    Member here could use some help

    There is a member here fighting a life threatening disease and trying to raise some funds for a scuba trip with his kids. I'm new here but after talking with "chairman", it would seem that members here try to help out other divers. Not sure how to get this started, other than this post. Who...
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    Looking at a couple of different regulators

    Looking at a mares carbon 52 or a scuba pro carbon black for my first personally owned regulator. I typically rent when I dive, but am finally taking the plunge to my own. Who has used the mares carbon? I'm looking at the 52x, I don't see it on the site currently, but there seems to be plenty...
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    Finally registered

    Been reading on here off and on for years. I finally took the plunge. Looking forward to being able to post now lol, and learn more as well.
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