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  1. caseywilson

    EAN versus "no-Fly" delay

    I already have one full layover day before flying planned into my next dive trip so please don't bother hassling me about safety — as some are wont to do. I am planning on doing an EAN certification sometime in the future. I've read only a bit about it so far. I find it interesting that a major...
  2. caseywilson

    Kona side - Lodging query

    Aloha, We are a family of four adults and one child. Headed for the big island late August or early September. Would like seven to ten days in moderate priced lodging. We cook so condos are fine. If not beachfront, then within walking distance. Can do with two bedrooms if one has two beds...
  3. caseywilson

    What is the white thing....

    ...just above the center of the image, please? The picture was taken just off Anacapa Island, Channel Islands, CA
  4. caseywilson

    Trip Report – Ambergris Caye – San Pedro, Belize

    Thanks for the inputs. We all came to the same conclusion about the location. Our next trip we'll be closer to town. Got any suggestions?
  5. caseywilson

    Trip Report – Ambergris Caye – San Pedro, Belize

    AWMIII, Yep, except for the one night dive from a panga, we did all our dives from the big boat. We three pretty much had the boat to ourselves except for one day with three teaching groups and one day at Esmeralda with eleven other divers - 2 or 3 after that. Except for the class days at Hol...
  6. caseywilson

    Trip Report – Ambergris Caye – San Pedro, Belize

    Just back from a ten-day dive adventure based from Ambergris Caye, San Pedro, Belize, with my two sons, Phil and Geoff. I did 12 dives and they logged 17 each. Because of the less than good weather, I have to give the overall trip an eight out of ten score. . We landed...
  7. caseywilson

    Summer of 2016 --- Thinking Florida

    Thanks Chug, but we only want one so-to-speak Headquarters to operate from. Anyone that wants to stop by "Mickeyville" will do that on their own time and &&. ---------- Post added October 4th, 2015 at 06:56 PM ---------- I'm open to pointers on diving the Gulf. But I have to point out, our...
  8. caseywilson

    Summer of 2016 --- Thinking Florida

    If I gather together a fair sized group from California — 8 to 10 adults, half as many teens, and a few pre-teens — where should we stake out our base for a ten day stay? We'll want to do more eating in than dining out. Most of the group will be advanced or open-water certified so diving is on...
  9. caseywilson

    Posting Images - Help request

    Where can I find the instructions for posting JPEG images in Digital Darkroom?
  10. caseywilson

    Gosh Darn Red Speckle Noise - Help Requested

    Phbbbbbt, How does one delete posts, including thumbnails, and second what are the parameters for making a picture large enough to view? Such as, this one that prints 6 X 4 inches:
  11. caseywilson

    Ambergris Dive Operator Recommendations

    Just to add a personal editorial to this — the last thing I want when I dive is EXCITEMENT. I want the dive to be fun, I want the dive to be interesting. Excitement burns up gas. Oh, one more thing..., anybody ever call you a snob?
  12. caseywilson

    Headed for Puerto Vallarta come June

    Banderas Scuba Republic is at the top of my dive shop list at the moment. Can you convince me of a better operation to go with?
  13. caseywilson

    50+ year old divers

    Seventy-nine last month.
  14. caseywilson

    Searching for Cressi Frog Plus Spring Straps

    They don't have to be Cressi's brand. In fact, Cressi's are no longer in stock anywhere. My fins have a buckle "socket" that twist-locks into a half-inch hole on the side of the fin — no stud. I've looked at Blue Reef and XS Scuba and I'm open to other suggestions. Uhmmmm, that is other...
  15. caseywilson

    Richardson Beach in April

    Any comments? Suggestions for other Hilo area dives?
  16. caseywilson

    I'm thinking about a trip to Florida

    First, let me admit to being a vacation/recreational OW diver. I live in the NW corner of California's share of the Great Mojave Desert and make only a couple dive trips each year. I'm shopping for a trip to Florida. I would prefer boat diving in an area with no or only mild drift conditions. I...
  17. caseywilson

    Snorkel - - Oahu

    Hi Brian, we ended up snorkeling on Maui. We drove a circuit around Oahu though and I'll say both Dr. Lecter's suggestions looked great from the shore. Between the two, I'd have selected Haunama Bay if we'd had time. By the way, if the tide is in and the swells are rolling 4-5 feet definitely...
  18. caseywilson

    Snorkel -- Kauai

    Thanks for the the tip Aquaman. Considering available time and convenience, we've pretty much decided Poipu is our best snorkeling choice for this trip. I'm thinking we'll probably make a dedicated trip back for some SCUBA - - - maybe in December.
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