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    Prices to ask/pay for second-hand gear

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I tried to look through but really couldn't find a "good" forum to post this in. Over the last 4 years I've realised that, at least for the time-being, my scuba diving days are over, the cold water of California, and a 3 year old mean I just don't have the...
  2. J

    Canon HV30 - 60i, 30p, 24p

    What kind of manual control do you have over things like white balance or exposure say? Just curious if I ever get the cash to buy a housing for my HV20.
  3. J

    Canon HV30 - 60i, 30p, 24p

    Yes, unfortunately they have :(
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    Kokak Zi6 HD Pocket Camera

    I got an e-mail from Amazon today about it too, wonder what the video quality is like and what kind of compression they use. While I've always liked the idea of SD card cameras, the two biggest issues (so far) to me are compression for recording, and battery life, the Sanyo series of SD cameras...
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    UK Light Cannon 100 for Video Lighting?

    Personaly, I'd say that if you already have the light cannon, and don't want to pony up the extra cash for a new video light, then it's adequate. If you don't yet have a light cannon, I'd say pay a little extra and get a real video light. The biggest issue I have with using my Light Cannon is...
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    Honestly, I really don't see the need, I guess it's useful if you take huge pictures but otherwise, is there REALLY a time when you are near an internet connection but not a computer.
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    Bizarro thread... Snoring....

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    Your filing system...

    Generally I have Folder for where/when, example "2007.05.Curacao" (normally don't include the day unless I goto the same place twice in a month which is rare. Then under that I have two sub-folders, originals and videos (I take quite a few videos with my camera, so need that) Then I copy all...
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    Equinox Housings

    Edited out because I'm a dumbass.
  10. J

    Equinox Housings

    Bleh... you know what ignore me cause I'm a dumbass... my housing is Epoque not Equinox... *sigh* back to sleep for me I think...
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    Red Filter.

    I think it depends on if you are modifying RAW or not. I've got some examples that no amount of editing will ever bring back the "proper" colour.
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    Peacock Flounder

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    Do I need a light system?

    I've shot quite a lot of what I consider good footage without lights, you NEED a filter or manual white balance (at least in my experience) otherwise you are liable to end up with photage that is blue on blue with blue bits (my first day of video in the Bahamas is very like this). Other than...
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    Sanyo Xacti

    Hmm well I know when in Hawaii I did have fogging issues if I left the case closed (or had the case in the AC or anything) but other than that had no real issues. As for the water entering, can't say I've had that yet, hopefully won't have it.
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    Sanyo Xacti

    gklem, Which model camera/housing was it? Just curious because mine has been good (C5) it did fog one time but I had left it sitting in the sun with the case closed (duh!) other than that I've been careful to clean the O-Ring every time I use it and it's been great.
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