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  1. WineOrWater

    Looking forward to a day of Diving at Blue Lagoon on July 19th!!

    The Bay Area Divers are heading to Blue Lagoon for a dive of diving. No wetsuit needed!!! Just an hour north of I45 & FM1960, dive in with the cool waters of Blue Lagoon nestled among the pines of east Texas. Overnight camping will require 2 days of the daily entry fee of $17/day. We are...
  2. WineOrWater

    July/August newsletter

    Awesome newsletter LW!
  3. WineOrWater

    Bonaire 1 month away!

    1st timer heading to Bonaire on Friday. Staying at Capt. Don's Habitat in a oceanview room. From what I read here, we will be disappointed. Any tips to make the stay more enjoyable?
  4. WineOrWater

    Bay Area Divers 37th Annual Divers Market (formerly fleamarket) Sat, Oct. 13, 10a-4p

    Bay Area Divers is having their 37th Annual Divers Market & Expo this weekend on Saturday, October 13, 2012 from 10am - 4pm at Landolt Pavilion, Clear Lake Park at 5000 E. NASA Parkway, Houston, Texas -- one mile east of Johnson Space Center (JSC) NASA. Get there early for the best deals as the...
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