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    First Scuba Trip--Help with Logistics

    My wife and I are planning our first trip to Grand Cayman. What is the most economical way to approach a trip? Purchase air/hotel package and book dives separately? Seek dive package and book air separately? Any suggetions? Also, any suggestions on where to stay--hotels? dive packages...
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    Suggestions for a Keys Trip

    My wife and I are fairly new to diving. I am AOW certified, and she is OW certified. We want to fly to Miami, rent a car, and drive to the Keys. We are planning on three (3) days of diving--probably three (3) dives a day and a night dive at least one of the days. Please offer suggestions...
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    Oceanic DataTrans Plus OR Oceanic DataMax Plus 2

    I'm buying a computer and have narrowed it down to: Oceanic DataTrans Plus OR Oceanic DataMax Pro Plus 2 DataTrans Plus (wrist-mountable but no compass): $799.00 DataMax Pro Plus 2 (w/ compass and quick disconnect): $899.00 Any thoughts/suggestions? Is DataTrans Plus too big...
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    O.K. to Dive AFTER Flying?

    How long do I have to wait to dive AFTER making a 4 hour flight?
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    Wanting to Buy a Dive Watch

    I'm new to diving and want to buy a basic dive watch -- not a lot of $$$. Any recommendations? Is digital o.k. or should I buy a watch with the revolving 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 dial? Is 300 feet deep enough if I do not plan to go below 100 feet? Or do i need a 200 Meter (660 feet)...
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    Mid Ear Barotrauma on My 1st Dive

    I recently sustained a middle ear barotrauma on my check-out open water dive of 15 minutes to 30 - 50 feet for my YMCA scuba certification. I am currently on my second (2nd) round of steroids and decongestants because my Eustachian tube is swollen shut, and I have some water trapped behind the...
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